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Spring/Summer Project 2017 Update #1

Not part of the project

I got a couple estimates for a new pergola.  The wood-and-tile version was expensive, and the maintenance of, and fire danger of, a wooden structure makes it an unacceptable option.  
An estimate for an aluminum version proved to be much less money, no maintenance, and nearly zero fire danger.   A small greenhouse is an option, so next I'll look into pricing that.  In the meantime I could take the old Pergola apart, to save the cost of having someone do it. 
The Margies are trying to come back:
The 'Marjorie Channon' hedge has sprouted a whole lot of new growth.  Whether or not the hedge can return to a decent appearance is still unclear.  I'm going to give the plants more time. 
Hiding this appears to be a good idea:
I need to extend the screening hedge, in hopes that new owners of the property in back, desiring a screen themselves, do not plant something completely inappropriate along the fence line (Ficus, Schinus)*.  If there is already a screen, …

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