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Non Garden Project Part Four

One (above)... 
...two, three, four, five (below)...
Six (in the ceiling).  It opens, too. 
There are six windows in the bathroom.  They all open wide, and are open wide much of the time.  We like fresh air.  

So why do you suppose we need a electric ventilation fan, in a room so plentifully supplied with...ventilation?  The building inspector said we must add one.  Delay, extra cost, new vent hole in the roof, or in the wall, run electricity, etc, etc.  Blankty-blank building code.  Grrr!  Eye roll. Not that I am anti-building code or anti inspections;  not at all.  Just:  the room is already exceptionally well ventilated.

Meanwhile, the arch inside the shower is done.
The arch at the entrance to the shower is done.
 Shampoo bottle/soap niche built, somewhat low, off to the side, not visible when you walk into and look around the room.  Who wants a collection of slightly soapy plastic bottles as a featured decoration right at eye-level?  

There will be a shelf in the middle, creating two s…

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