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Bloom Day January 2019 And It's Raining

This month's Bloom Day will be rose-heavy.  Summer was a disaster for roses in 2018 due to Chili Thrips.  Thankfully Chili Thrips don't like winter--even the mildness of a Southern California winter--so I'm enjoying what I very much missed back in July, August, and September. 

We're predicted to get off and on rain all week, so most of these photos are from dry Sunday.  
'The Ambridge Rose'


'Golden Celebration'
'Moondance'--disease on the leaves, because this is January after all, but the flower is pristine.

'The Endeavour'
'The Prince'
'Bishops Castle'
 Though the roses are having a great January, Aloes are are the usual stars of winter here.  This emerging stem from Aloe petricola is this plant's very first flowering.  Purchased from Arid Lands in 2014 as a tiny (2"/5cm) seedling.  Currently about 16"x16&q…

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