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'Yellow Bird' And Her "Chicks"

Hooded Orioles have been nectar feeding from the Callistemon flowers.  
Attention getting:
I put out some oranges to see if they would go for those as well.  They investigated, did not partake, but I did manage a through-the-window photo of one of these shy, cautious beauties.

Different yellow bird--Leucospermum 'Yellow Bird' now in spring glory.
Big Mama

Her three "chicks"--seedlings--are now three years old.  Two are blooming for the first time. They vary greatly in size and growth habit while their flowers are essentially identical to Mama.

Low, sprawling, dense, big
Open Octopus--that's weirdly cool
Petite and tree-like
And this morning, possibly a new seedling.  I planted several seeds in this spot when I planted the other seeds, and these never sprouted until, surprise!, now.  Maybe the scent of the 'Texas Supersweet' onion scared it out of the soil. 
Other flowers appearing as April nears.  

Hunnemannia fumariifolia with ever blooming Verbena 'De la Mina…

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