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In A Vase On Monday December 11, 2017 (And Other Flowers)

In A Vase On Monday is hosted by Cathy at Rambling In The Garden and provides inspiration and motivation to create your own bouquets from materials found in your own garden. 
 Our terrible Wind Event of last week motivated me to create a bouquet of roses.  The wind stripped most of the foliage off many roses, and since it is nearly rose pruning time in Southern California,  removing long stems is something that needs to be done anyway.  The roses include 'Snowbird' and 'Iceberg' (whites), the indefatigable 'Belindas Dream' (medium pink), 'Rouge Royale' and 'William Shakespeare 2000) (dark pink), and 'Firefighter' (crimson).  We are very lucky to have December roses.

 I added a few stems of red-tipped Leucadendron 'Reverse Polarity', always gorgeous in a vase.  Removing those stems shaped the young plant at the same time; it was somewhat lopsided.  

Particularly fine OGR style form on this 'Belinda's Dream', and as I to…

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