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Bloom Day Addendum And Further Miscellany

Bloom Day addendum.  Forgot about Japanese Anemone 'Pretty Lady Emily', which was a freebee from the Portland Fling back in 2014. 
So photogenic 'Emily' is:  
'Emily' started out at the far end of this fairly shady planter bed.  It has returned every year, always in a slightly different location.  It finally reached the sunniest part of the bed (bottom of photo), where it fried up pretty good, being in too much sun.  Hopefully it starts to migrate back the other way next year. 
The real surprise was the first flower from Orbea variegata.  The plant was purchased back in late 2017.  Rather than let it suffer neglect in a pot, it got a mostly shady place in the ground by the pergola.  

Orbea variegata is a winter grower, but a summer bloomer.  I checked it several times in early summer, hoping for its first flower.  Finally here it is, close to autumn.  I put the wire around it not for rabbit protection, but so it wouldn't get stepped on and squished.  

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