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A Spreadwing? A Darner? A Dancer? A Forktail?

I thought there were only dragonflies.  But no, many other names for similar creatures:  Speadwing, Darner, Dancer, Damselflies, Forktail.  This one was quite large, and it was not the only creature of its kind flying around down in the gully garden yesterday.

Also yesterday I pulled the 'Pacific Sunset' Coprosma that looked so odd.  The intention was to move it, not discard it, but it took heavy damage in the move.  A "Lucky" or "Bandana" series small shrubby Lantana hybrid would be a suitable replacement--either the one that's mostly white with a little yellow, or the one that's mostly yellow with a little white. 
Two struggling small roses removed here.  In summer this area is extremely hot and dries out too fast.  The small roses have been struggling for at least a decade in various places.  Time to try something else, or let the Dymondia grow in.  There's a new own-root 'Top Gun' rose in the space between the day lilys.  Let's s…

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