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Bloom Day December 2017

Rosa 'Barcelona'.  Amazing how the roses have held up to 5% humidity.  Long established roses can do what newly planted ones cannot. 

Aging Hydrangea flowers offer an array of colors:
 Tagetes lemonii, Copper Canyon Daisy.  This was supposed to be the compact version. 
 I have no idea why these Shasta Daisies are blooming like crazy in December.  (But it's nice.)
 Protea 'Mini King' flowers last quite a while. 
 An Agave 'Joe Hoak' is going up in the foreground;  behind are a trio of Agave 'Blue Glow' flower stems in various stages:  flowering (alive with bees), drying, and the one on the far left has some seed pods.
 This Aloe ferox is supposed to be the form with white bracts instead of the usual red.  We'll see what happens.  This is its first bloom. 
 Grevillea 'Kings Fire'.   Me likey!
California native Calliandra eriophylla,  "Pink Fairy Duster".  It's a bit dessicated, as is so much in the garden right now.  Yet anothe…

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