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Quick San Diego Jaunt

Come tip toe through the Aloes with me...
Quick jaunt down San Diego way this week.  Solana Succulents was our first stop.  A fun place--tiny space aside an old tiny building crammed full of all sorts of wonderful plants. 
Really wanted one of the gorgeous crested Myrtillocactus geometrizans, but at that price it must have a special, pre-selected, carefully thought-through, ideal place in the garden waiting to receive it. 
Oh Lord, I am Not Worthy.
Cool shadow on the wall
Massive trunk on...what?
A variegated Euphorbia ammak.  The owner said it was there when he started his nursery 27 years ago.  This plant is listed as "vulnerable" in its native Arabian peninsula, something of a surprise since just about every other succulent lover in California seems to grow it. 
Another of those gorgeous Myrtillocactus crests...
Dioon with...something.  Loved the back lit moment, and the contrast in leaf forms. 
Glowing hybrid Aloe flower
 This is one of those increasingly rare plant places tha…

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