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What's It Like To Garden At A Castle?

We are visiting Hearst Castle.  We had a great time touring the buildings and the garden surrounding them.  I caught sight of one of the gardeners and took her photo.  She's smiling because she saw me taking her photo and probably thought:  "Silly tourists take pictures of everything."

Actually I was imagining what it would be like gardening at a castle.  Plenty of equipment available...
The beds are numbered, so if the boss tells you to clean out bed D-8, you know which one he means.
Or is this sign really displaying "Ohh noooo Mr. Bill"?
There's this really cool dump slide.  You can toss all your cuttings in here, and...
They'll all slide down into a truck waiting below.  Must be nice!
 On the other hand, there's a whole lot of pavement to keep clean.
Those darn dirty Pines!
A whole lot of pavement.
And a lot of stairs.
And that little bit that turned out to be perfectly planted is where almost no one ever sees it. 
And there's a huge and awesome greenh…

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