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Strange May

The weather has been more like November than May:  fairly cool, especially at night, and occasional light rains, as if the rainy season were just beginning instead of supposedly over.  No complaints--cool weather in which to garden and six tenths of a inch (15 mm) of rain. 
Except November rarely looks this good.  

The Clematis are blooming.  'Comtesse de Bouchard'

'Perle d'Azur' is my favorite
With 'Laguna' climbing rose.  Gloomy weather, so comfortable for gardening, makes for poor photos.   The lovely rain we got unfortunately made 'Laguna' collapse due to extra weight of water on the leaves and flowers.   There's a Jackmanii Clematis in 'Fourth of July' rose, but the rose overwhelms the Clematis. 
Clematis 'Wisley' on the left always has the most flowers.  I'd buy another but I haven't seen it for sale since I bought the first one about ten years ago. 
Love that there 'Wisley'
While searching for a part to repair a d…

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