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Summer's End

The garden is waking up after summer lassitude.  The gardener feels better as well.  There are some change-of-season surprises.

Aloe reitzii has been growing in the garden from a very small size for several years.  It is finally producing its first flower stem.  Nice surprise!  For a moment I thought some creature had pooped in the center of the plant. 

The emerging flower looks dried out, doesn't it?  However, a friend's A. reitzii bloomed a year or two ago, and started the same way.  The friend's reitzii subsequently produced a big beautiful flower I assume this will be fine.
Protea 'Sylvia' also has its first flower bud.   It was hidden under new growth, making it hard to spot.  Looking forward to seeing this beauty. 
I thought the Lemonade Berry, Rhus ovata, moved this spring to a more spacious location, had died.  I cut off some dead material but noticed further down on the stems there was still green under the bark, so it got a soak of water.
And voila…

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