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Bloom Day January 2019

Aloe cameronii

The sun is low and the light is golden at this time of year

Clean up continues.  This area is trimmed, cleaned, mulched, and is now spring-ready.
There are, however, more roses to prune and more leaf litter to rake up.  One big climbing rose takes a whole day:
 The sweet peas are growing, but flowers are several weeks in the future.  80 sweet onion seedlings and 40 "Dutch" iris bulbs planted:
 Flowers for Bloom Day?  A few.   

Pruning bouquet.  'Brass Band' was loaded
 I sat on a step and took numerous photos of the 'Meyer' lemon flowers, but it was really to enjoy their fragrance, which was divine. 

 Echeveria coccinea

 Some roses cut back, some still blooming.  
'Tamora' in that golden winter light
Still some Salvia flowers
 Prime time for Grevillea 'Superb'
And for 'Coastal Gem'
Leucadendron 'Wilson's Wonder'
 Long lasting, brilliant A. hardyi hybrid:

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