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Those Black Foliaged Lagerstroemias, And End-Of-Spring Flowers

'Ebony Embers' aka 'Black Diamond Red Hot'

There's the newly planted Lagerstroemia 'Black Diamond Crimson Red' aka 'Ebony Fire':
Surrounded by blooming Hemerocallis, which can be easily moved as the Lagerstroemia grows.  There's also a red floribunda rose, 'Drop Dead Red',  which can be moved (or removed) as required. 
Here's the original black-leafed Lagerstroemia, 'Black Diamond Red Hot'  (aka 'Ebony Embers').  I planted it in August, 2015.  It's still quite a slender thing, but has grown to over six feet (2m) tall.  These are slower growing than our Lagerstroemia 'Dynamite', which has the more typical green leaves with some reddish highlights--about 12" (30 cm) per year vs. 'Dynamite's 24" (60 cm) per year. All our Lagerstroemias are planted in unamended native soil and given no fertilizer.  

Here is the same plant at purchase back in 2015:
I planted another 'Ebony Embers' in 2016,…

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