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Oddity/More Work On The Front Slope

Above:  after extensive chopping, an oddity
The gauge there on the wall in the bottom of the photograph is quite unattractive for so visible a spot.  A few years ago I put a Euphorbia tirucalli in a pot just in front of the gauge as temporary camouflage.  That worked well for several years, until the Euphorbia sent a root out of the pot and into the ground.   Swift growth ensued.  The Euphorbia got tall and wide and shattered the pot.  Yes, the roots did that, (and yes, what a ridiculously small pot for an 8' tall plant):

Should I leave it like that, a chopped oddity?  There's a Ligustrum in the neighborhood trimmed in a similar fashion:, no.   The top three feet could be chopped off and stuck it in a different pot for a while.  Maybe.  I'll see. 
More work on the front slope.  It looks so much more more shrubby than it used to--the oak tree, the 'Dynamite' Crape Myrtles have grown, the Leucophyllum, the Leucospermums, the Leucadendrons...but there is still p…

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