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Multiple successive rain days is an unusual event here these days.  Wandering around outside between showers, seeing everything dripping wet, I felt like I was somewhere far from home.

Colors are more vibrant everywhere you look.  Normally foliage has a coating of dust on it.  There's been enough rain to wash most of it off.  On Agaves, it tends to collect on the lowest leaves.

There's a gully in the neighborhood, currently with a little rain runoff.  The little bird perching on the trash barrel caught my eye.  He's almost the same color as the soil. 
On the edge of the same gully, an old Yucca that has been chopped to the ground several times and that has grown back several times is currently arrayed by a native vine, Marah fabaceus, that appears in rainier winters.   

Also at the gully's edge was an exotic,  an Acacia of some sort.  It has a fairly spectacular bloom in late winter, which it is currently preparing for: 
A neighbor's Deodar Cedar. 
Back at home, the…

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