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Around The 'Hood

A garden buddy and I went a'wanderin' through the neighborhood to see a couple of remodeled front yards.  

On the way to the remodels, we saw some bamboo abuse.
Do not try this at home!
Imagine having this outside your living room window. 
Next, some homeowners who did a truly meticulous job with a whole lotta rock.  
Huh.  It's a mulch, not a rock, guitar.

 It will be uncomfortably hot come summer.  Leaves will blow in from the neighborhood, and weeds will sprout. 

 But it is meticulous at the moment.  They did not do sloppy work.  Bravo, homeowners.  My companion spoke to the homeowner who arrived home as we were contemplating her landscape.  Her diesel truck engine was roaring and belching fumes so I retreated.

 At the other remodel, there were more plants and less rock.
Some choice plants, too--though the 'Blue Glow' Agaves at extreme lower left will be hanging over the wall as they mature, into the path of passers by,  and Anigozanthos are not dry garden plants year …

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