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Bouquet Practice

We've had a hot sunny May, instead of a cool grey one.  The sweet peas are shutting down due to the heat, so I've been cutting them for the vase, to enjoy them before they are gone.   This led to a session of bouquet practice yesterday, when the morning was particularly peaceful.
I started with a vertical stem of Nepeta tuberosa because the Annie's catalog said it was a remarkably long-lived flower in a vase.  The Nepeta got a tutu of some of the last precious sweet peas. 

The vase has a story:  it is a blue plastic drinking glass I picked up in the nearby public park.  Periodically a flurry of young people use the park for middle-of-the-night partying, with various items left behind--vaping supplies, blocks of ice for sliding down slopes in order to injure themselves, alco-pop bottles, party glasses, their underpants.  It was a brand new glass--the store label was still on it.  I brought it home to keep it out of the ocean where it could kill baby sea birds, and use it f…

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