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Bloom Day July 2019

Big box store Canna

Rose 'Twilight Zone': 
Trachelium peaking.  Deadheading brings some more flowers, as I remember last time I grew it some years ago. 

First Eustoma flower.  Poor photo, but cool flower! 
 Hunnemannia fumariifolia.  You can toss seeds everywhere, but they only sprout where they want to. 

Big box store Daylily at noon
Rose 'Bishops Castle'.  Silvery in morning light, Pittosporum 'Ivory Sheen' behind.
The three 'Bishops Castle's had a marvelous first flush back in May. and here they are again, just as good. 
 One of last year's purchased Big Box store Dahlias
Pass along, unknown rose.  It's a stellar plant--pristine foliage, constant flowers.  Grew it from a cutting from a garden buddy, who got it from another garden buddy, who got it from her Mom's garden in Tennessee. 
Lotus jacobeus
 Purchased a few months ago, Cryptanthus 'Absolute Zero' is already flowering.  Monocarpic, but it has several offsets forming.  At least …

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