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Seeing The Light

Flower stem emerging from Aloe petricola; Leucospermum 'Tango' first flowers color up   No gardening today.  The wind is ripping branches, leaves, and flowers from shrubs and trees today.  At least it's a cold Santa Ana this time, not hot, and a strange one, because the sky is grey with clouds instead of the usual tannish with blowing dust.  A low pressure system from the south and a high pressure system from the north are meeting to squeeze Great Basin air, sending it roaring through our neighborhood.  The neighbor's dead Eucalyptus rocks stiffly, like Frankenstein's Monster walking; the live Eucs, with considerable grace, sway.  An occasional leaf blown hard, hits window glass with a plunk.  Birds are absent.   Indoors, I look at garden photos and consider light.   Late afternoon light: Midday light: Late afternoon: Midday: Advantage, late afternoon.   Overcast morning: Sunny morning: Advantage overcast.   Late afternoon, really too late, but with the sun behind

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