Pink Lillies: Too Many Plants

Hydrangea 'Endless Summer'

A dozen times a day, every day, I walk by my largest 'Endless Summer' Hydrangea.  Next to 'Endless  Summer' are 3 lilies I planted in '09.  They came up big and strong this year, which was great, but after noting that fact, I walked back and forth past the lilies without paying any attention, even when they started blooming.  Back and forth, back and forth.  Suddenly yesterday it clicked:  they're blooming.   They're beautiful and  blooming and I am ignoring them.

Pink Lillies

Conclusion:  I have too many plants.  If I am walking past this...

Pink Lillies

...and not noticing, then  my cup runneth over so much it spilleth. 

I bought these lily bulbs at the local garden show in '09 for two dollars each.   Darn good price.  Two ladies with heavy Dutch accents were selling them. It appeare the two enterprising Dutch ladies were financing a Southern California beach vacation by selling hybrid Mirabilis tubers and lily bulbs at the show, then heading straight for the beach once they sold them all.  I got this impression because the ladies were wearing beach wear topped with cover-ups.  

They had no tables, no sign, no business cards,  and no credit-card machines, just a wad of cash, a tote bag stuffed with beach towels, and several mammoth wholesaler-sized boxes of  bulbs set on a bench.  And they didn't seem to know a damn thing about either Mirabilis or Lilies beyond what every Dutch person probably knows. Bulbs are the Dutch national business, after all.    The bulbs were obviously fresh and fairly high quality.  I asked for 6 bulbs of the pure white 'Casablanca'.  I  got three pink and three screaming orange lillies with burgundy stripes. 

Yee-ah, I'm not wild about this lily, either:
Orange Lily

That's fine--I got a kick out of the enterprising Dutch ladies, confidently financing their vacation with a bunch of bulbs, waiting for customers with too many plants.  

Pink Lillies

So.  I must have too many plants.  Or maybe I'm not spending enough time in the garden.   Must be the latter...can one have too many plants?


  1. No, you do not have too many plants, just not enough time!

  2. I wish I had your problem. I jump on everything thats just opened an inch. Har.


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