Still Threatening

The day began so peacefully:
Good morning!


We walked the dogs, and as we returned a shadow passed over us, and we felt the pressure of wings pushing air.  Nasty, winged evil still skulks about, waiting for me to take the net off the pond so it can kill our koi. 

Did you know that Heron knees bend backwards? 

The net stays on! 


  1. Funny how you call a crane *nasty winged evil.* Can you scare it away somehow? Like put a twirling something on your roof.

  2. A few years ago, a beautiful but satanic osprey wiped out all but the smallest bass in our big acre pond. Grrrrr!

    But here, the big blue herons eat gophers! They camp out in our pastures on hot days, skulking slowly about, freezing, then ZAP! Out goes that honking bill and stabs a gopher from its hole! It's gruesomely funny watching the little arms and legs wriggle in that giant maw. Then they toss the gopher or mole in the air and down their gullets. Facinating, and a little shivery. But better then poison!

  3. Hi Erica, the herons eat gophers here too. I am happy to see the herons eat all the gophers they want--just no koi!


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