Crassula perfoliata var. minor AKA Crassula falcata AKA Propeller Plant

The compelling feature of C. perfoliata var minor--excuse me if I just call it Crassula falcata--is the inflorescence, which resembles a stalk of broccoli painted scarlet.  Mine has not bloomed yet, and seemed to suffer in a six inch pot in morning sun/afternoon shade, so I decided to pop it into the ground with Aloe dichotoma and Aloe plicatilis as near neighbors.  All three have foliage that directs the eye upwards, so they seem agreeable together.  I'm a bit concerned by the yellowy foliage color.  We'll see what happens with that. 

Crassula and Aloes


There's a spiffy shopping center nearby.  I think they actually call it a shopping centre, so that gives you an idea of what it is like.  The parking lot is a lovely grove of olive trees, and there are pots planted with succulents instead of petunias and pelargoniums, and even a beautifully planted area of succulents in one corner.  I give them many points for the best strip-mall landscaping I've ever seen.  It's beautifully maintained, too.  I mention it simply because their well-cared-for succulent pots all had Crassula falcata, and all their Crassula falcata looked pretty bad.  Suffering.  So I'm trying mine in the ground.  Drainage is perfect in the area.  If it's good enough for Aloe dichotoma, then it should be acceptable for Crassula falcata.

The Ides Of July

Our precious June Gloom, which everyone but gardeners was complaining about, has evaporated, and it is expected to be close to 90F all  week, so I'm hunkered  down in the shade for the duration, perhaps only scurrying out to water, if I must.

Baby, don't go!

All picture taking must be done early.  Got a decent shot of 'Beloved':
Rosa 'Beloved'

And  'Brass Band':
Rosa 'Brass Band'

Good thing--by this afternoon they'll be as crispy and brown as burnt french fries.  

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  1. I'm getting the idea that you are a fellow succulent lover! I know you love roses.

    I just posted on my blog about my renewed love affair with succulents. Why not, right? They make sense in hot, arid climates.

    Glad to see I am not the only one missing our "June Gloom." Too true – the only people who seem to like it are gardeners! Now, as you say, it's back to burnt french fry roses.

    I too will be inside as much as possible. I'll be working on making my blogger butt bigger!

  2. I do love succulents for their wonderful shapes. But they don't have the rose's perfume. I can't really think of a succulent that has a beautiful fragrance.


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