July Heat And Apricot Roses

Rosa 'English Garden'

I snapped pictures early this morning because it is too hot to be out there much past eight am.  The roses will scorch today, so I tried to capture brief moments of perfection before the sun destroys them. 

English Garden, before her color fades to buff:
Rosa 'English Garden'

Rosa 'English Garden'

'Golden Buddha':
Rosa 'Golden Buddha'
Rosa 'Golden Buddha'

Yellow 'Molineux' with a not-unusual touch of apricot:

And 'Molineux' even more apricot than usual:
Rosa 'Molineux'

'Samaritan', more peach than apricot, I suppose:
Rosa 'Samaritan'

Louise Clements, more orange than apricot or peach:
Rosa 'Louise Clements'
Rosa 'Louise Clements'
Rosa 'Louise Clements'

Even the dark Aeoniums were aglow in July sunlight:
Aeonium aglow

The pups have the right idea about how to survive summer.  I should be so wise as they!
Dogs in July


  1. Oh, wow! What beautiful roses! They are all wonderful but for some reason I am drawn to "English Garden." It looks like a golden lotus blossom! And a fantastic color on "Louise Clements!" It is sad when the summer sun scorches their petals.

    It's very humid right now in So. California. We don't get real high humidity most of the summer. But when it hits – icky – it is awful. I feel like you about being outside after 8 a.m. It is too hot and muggy. And, it is supose to hit 105 plus degrees today! What area are you located?

    Your dogs are so adorable! Except for the fact they are white they look like my dog. He is in the same position as they most of the summer.

  2. That Aeonium pic is really splendid..lots of cool stuff going on there.

    English Garden is one of my favorite DA's; it never looks bad and I am always drawn to egg-yolk centers in roses. Your photos capture it perfectly.

  3. Your roses are so beautiful I'm almost -- almost tempted by a famous No.Calif's nursery's sale right now, esp. Lady Hillingdon. Love the apricots.

  4. Thanks John and ks! My 'English Garden' lacks vigor, but the flowers are too beautiful to abandon the plant.

    Denise I hate to tempt you, but Lady H. would probably be fabulous in your coastal conditions. Her delicate petals are vulnerable to inland heat. Though if you have a friend with a LH, just ask for a cutting, because they are ridiculously easy to root.


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