Louise Clements vs. Lady Emma Hamilton. A Brief Comparison

Rosa 'Louise Clements' (Clements):
Rosa 'Louise Clements'

Rosa 'Lady Emma Hamilton' (Austin)
Rosa 'Lady Emma Hamilton'

'Louise Clements' vs. 'Lady Emma Hamilton'

'Lady Emma' is the unquestionable winner. While 'Louise' has a mild, sweet tea fragrance, 'Lady Emma's is powerful citrus, intense, beautiful, and memorable.

Rebloom and productivity:
Both are quite good. Both winners. 'Louise' may have a slight edge, but 'Lady Emma' is only two years in the ground while 'Louise' is well established. Call it a draw.

'Lady Emma' wins. New foliage opens deep red, lightens to bronze, ends a deep blue-green. Wow. The foliage is as gorgeous as the flower. 'Louise's foliage is a dull olive, and is somewhat sparse, which counts against her. Sparse foliage means sunburned canes in our climate.

Rust/Mildew vulnerability:
No mildew on Louise. Just a touch on 'Lady Emma'. Both winners on Mildew.
A little December Rust on 'Louise', ditto on 'Emma'. A draw. Both were pristine in this year's badly rusted spring.

Growth habit:
'Louise' is upright. 'Lady Emma', after two years, is low and sprawling. I'll give this one to 'Louise' solely because the flowers are easier to see on 'Louise'.

Rosa 'Louise Clements':
Rosa 'Louise Clements'

'Louise' is a wonderful creamy tangerine. 'Lady Emma' is a breathtaking mix of pure clear orange and yellow. Matter of taste means I call it a draw.

Heat Tolerance:
Hard to say who wins here. I'll give the edge to 'Emma' just because she has more dense foliage, to better shelter her from a blazing sun. I wouldn't call either of them heat lovers, the flowers are too delicate, the petals too thin.

Okay, that was the comparison, but really I just wanted to post pictures of these two. Our weeks of cool weather produced some beauty, especially on 'Louise'--I've been dumping extra water on her which really produced some stunners. Our deliciously mild July 2010 will be memorable for intense color.

Rosa 'Louise Clements':
Rosa 'Louise Clements'

Rosa 'Lady Emma Hamilton':
Lady Emma

Our cool July also produced some gorgeous 'Just Joey', 'Lunar Mist', and 'Windermere':

Rosa 'Just Joey':
Rosa 'Just Joey'

Rosa 'Lunar Mist':
Rosa 'Lunar Mist'

Rosa 'Windermere':

Rosa 'Windermere'

Rosa 'Windermere'

Rosa 'Windermere'

Who needs a hot summer?


  1. Hi Hoover Boo,

    This comparison is very helpful! I've noticed there are quite a few roses that look alike (Windermere and Claire Austin, for example, or Pat Austin and Lady of Shalott), and it's nice to have this kind of point-by-point comparison to be able to tell some of the more subtle differences between them. Thanks!

  2. Glad you found the post of interest, Peppa. Thank you!

    I think you are right, just looking at the flowers, many seem similar to one another. The differences are not in the photos.

  3. Great title because these roses are incredible. You got really good pictures of them. I am looking to start growing some similar flowers in Hamilton because they remind me of the ones that my grandmother used to have when I was a child. Unfortunately I fell into them once. I don't know if you have ever fallen into a rose bush but it is bad news.

    1. I have fallen into a couple--I agree, not good. I still have a garden full, though.
      I hope you get to grow some beautiful roses--they really are a joy!

  4. I love the form and the color of Louise Clements--initially. But mine seem to fade very quickly to a pink color. Disappointing. It has a lot of blooms, so that is a plus.

    1. I can't argue with that--a truly great rose flower ages well. Neither LC nor LEH look all that good at their finish.

      I can't believe how old this post is! I still grow Lady Emma, but Louise went into a sharp decline which proved to be crown gall and is long gone. Lady Emma 8 years on is big and strong, though the flowers still fade badly at their finish--but the sun is very bright here.

      Thank you for visiting my blog, and for your comment.


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