Their Bulbine Vs. My Bulbine

I saw a  fat-n-happy Bulbine in someone's yard the other day.  Their Bulbine was well watered, with plenty of space to itself.  Their Bulbine was thriving. 


Then there's my Bulbine.  I thought it was dead in the summer of '09.  It became completely dark grey, having not had any water for nearly a year.  This picture shows it not looking its worst.   It looked worse than this!
Bulbine -- Summer

About a week after my Bulbine looked its very worst, it rained quite heavily.  I  thought:  "Ah, now that dead Bulbine will be easy to dig out!"  I went out a few days after the rain to dig it up, and the darn thing was completely greened up: fat-n-happy.  T'was the most amazing transformation.

Mine is also not luxuriating in plenty of space.  Mine is crammed between the great billowing Tagetes lemonii and a very happy Mariana sedifolia, a plant which is happier on even less water than a Bulbine.   And yet my Bulbine is thriving, too.  

Should you wish to engage in Bulbine abuse, feel free.


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