Trying To Self-Medicate By Looking At Plants

Some very frustrating problems with the garden the past few days that I am struggling to solve.  Leaking pipe.  Broken pipe.  Cavitating pump.  Whole areas of the irrigation system that don't work, and in a fierce heat wave.  Can't think straight.  Just a few odd photos then, to try to soothe myself.

Gold and green, the gold dripping dew:
Water Drops

Echeveria subridgida.  The magenta edge doesn't develop without a good bit of direct sun.  Recently the ones for sale have been the size of small Agaves--18" or so across.  Wow.  I thought mine was doing well at 10".   There's always someone who does it better. 
Water drops

Speaking of magenta, all the fluffles and ruffles and folded petals of 'William Shakespeare 2000'

None of these has much to do with either of the others.  Things fall apart, the centre cannot hold.  

Is that my mind I'm thinking of, or my sprinkler system? 


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