Lily Lillies


Lily Lillies, which are true lillies, as opposed to Day Lilys which are Hemerocalli, or Water Lillies, which are no longer in the pond because the Koi found them delicious.

Water lillies will fit:

Most of the Lily Lillies are annuals here, but a few have survived in my garden for several years. 

They like moist soil, which is difficult here,  and they must appreciate a bit of winter chill, which we don't have much of either.  They are the grand show-off bulbs of summer in many parts of the country.  Our grand show-off bulbs of summer are more typically of late summer, and are Amaryllis belladonna, not even native. 


On the other hand, our picnics are never ruined by summer rain.  Trade you:  dry picnics for summer rain and lillies? 


I would, for lillies.


  1. Lovely lillies ! The pink one looks stunning in your picture with the blue companion...

  2. I've always wondered why my lilies didn't do well down here in Florida. The cold weather would explain it! Very pretty!


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