LA Arboretum Visit Part 2 With SGV Cactus & Succulent Show

Back again this past weekend.  On our visit the previous weekend, it was in the mid-80s F (30 C) with humidity in the skin-itching single digits.  This past weekend it was in the high 50s F (14 C), with rain.  This past weekend, the Arboretum played host to the the San Gabriel Valley Cactus And Succulent Show.  After forgetting my spare battery last weekend, I carefully remembered to have two fully charged batteries for my camera.  On arrival at the Arboretum, I realized I'd forgotten to put the memory card in the camera.  ARRRRRRGGGGHHH!!!

Way cool crested Myrtillocactus geometrizans (even the name is way cool):
Once again, Beloved came to the rescue with his tiny pocket camera. The photos are his.

It poured rain all the way there, and as a reward we had the place practically to ourselves again. The SGV show is far smaller than the Inter-City, and it was a lot less of a chaotic zoo. 

Way cool Euphorbia pubiglans.  Look at that thing!  Is that awesome or what? Like a pine cone with antennae.

Myrtileolegeium??? (I couldn't make out the handwriting) 'Polyp':

Sarcocalon piniculinum was on the big trophy table:
Sarcocalon pinicu

So was Pachycormus discolor:
Pachycormus discolor

One of the biggest Euphorbia obesas I've seen; it must have been 10"  (25 cm) tall:

This was a big winner, too, but I have no clue what it is:

This was the trophy Agave, A. victoria-reginae
Agave victoria-reginae

There was a variegated A. victoria-reginae for sale, why didn't I get it? Oh, right: because I have too many plants as it is. Details, details.

A Conophytum bilobus:
Conophytum bilobus

Mammilaria plumosa, looking like a basket of wool balls:
Mammilaria plumosa

Another pile of globes, Lithops amethestina:
Lithops Amethestia

Not only was this a beautiful Ariocarpus, it was perfectly staged. The top dressing gave the impression that this was a tiny piece of desert in a pot. Really well done:

A flashy Dyckia:

A variegated Ferrocactus peninsularis:

Aloe 'Jaws II' (there's also a 'Jaws', and a 'Jaws III', one for each movie!)

Various Euphorbias:

There was a big bowl of these snowy prickly things, and one open orange flower.  I desperately wanted to pick off that spent flower to restore the plant to utter perfection, but I couldn't.  Must not touch other people's plants.

This following illustrates the maxim "90% of success is just showing up.".  This Nolina appeared to have come straight off the Death Rack at Lowes.  But since it was the only entry in category 76:  blue ribbon!

Lovely show.  We could stand and gawk at particular plants as long as we liked, without getting run over or pushed along.  A nice man gave me some helpful hints about Bursera care. And the plant sale was better, too.  No long line in 100 degree heat.  No line at all.  I got a couple of $2 Echeverias.  I was tempted by a variegated Agave celsii and variegated Agave 'Blue Flame', but good grief, I have too many plants as it is.  I do I do I do.  No more.  No more.  If I want more I'll have to kill some of the ones I have first. 

Then we went out to the Arboretum.  The rain had stopped.   


  1. Admiring, but not really understanding, your restraint.

  2. Some very intersting plants there, I would have bought the Agave Victori-reginae, I also love many of the echeverias.
    Pleased you had a good day.
    xoxoxo ♡

  3. I'm sort of thinking about the Agave That Got Away, but truly better I didn't indulge. Having more plants than I can properly care for is plain wrong. I'm nearing my limit, if not already way past it.

  4. Oh, amazing plants which mostly i haven't seen! I wonder how they all seem so big and healthy despite the very small containers. The Conophytum bilobus looks like lithops too, are they in the same family maybe? And i laughed about your forgetfulness, I am glad I have companion. I sometimes forget my spare battery too!

  5. Yes, Lithops and Conophytum are both members of Mesembryanthemaceae, along with roughly 125(!) other genera.


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