More Random Flowers (Summer Doldrums Continue)

More random flower shots, and Boris.  
Hydrangea 'Ayesha'
Clematis languinosa 'Candida'.   In my climate this one--languishes, never creating a spectacular show, just a few choice flowers on a couple of 5 or 6' stems.
The same goes for 'Nelly Moser', just a few beautiful blooms, no more.  Like languinosa 'Candida' It may want winter chill, and we have none. 
A second round of flowers from one of the 'Jackmanii'.  This one does well, though nothing like its performance in, say, Michigan with its cold winters, rich soil, and plentiful rain.
Another fat cluster of 'The Endeavour'.  It's slowly improving.  Month by month, a little better every time.
'William Shakespeare 2000': always good.

Little Boris, back from his walk.  Less puppy and more doggy.  Let's see, now what has he eaten lately?  Half of his pretty blue collar.   Luckily not the half with the metal ring and buckle and rabies tag, which he was eager to finish.  Only because Natasha started barking at him to share the chew, was I alerted, and took the remainder away.  Unfortunately he didn't chew the collar thoroughly and I had to "help" it out at the end of its journey out of his fuzzy little backside.  (He's okay.)  Thank goodness for that box of nitrile gloves in the garage. 

Not in the doldrums:
So much for the fun stuff.  After that out to the tomato patch to dispose of electrocuted rat number six.  More string algae to pull, too.  Like I said, summer doldrums. 


  1. Gorgeous! Those roses, especially 'The Endeavour' are divine! Doesn't look like doldrums to me...


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