Dahlia 'Holland Festival'

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket This Dahlia languished in the expanding, deepening shade of the Cercis for nearly a decade. I could not dig it up and move it because it was covered over with Cercis roots. Now with the Cercis gone, the Dahlia is celebrating.


  1. Gorgeous dahlia and beautiful pictures!

  2. It is beautiful. I tried dahlias a couple of times, and they rotted. How often do you water yours?

    1. Hi Masha, I water them here 3x per week in the dry season, not at all in the rainy season. Here being a hill of silt, the drainage is very reliable.

  3. My leaf sucking bug infested dahlias were blown over in wind storms. I am done with dahlias. Yours, however, is fabulous!

  4. So many, many plants, so little time...onward to the next genus! I'm done with Cymbidiums myself. And a few other genera as well. ;^)


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