Friday Face



  1. He/she looks very much like a alien.
    xoxoxo ♡

  2. Replies
    1. Need to use macro lens. The kit one ain't quite doing it.

  3. Such a quirky-looking guy! Glad to see she's still on the job eating pests.

    1. It's been great watching them. Each female (always females) seem to have a territory, and I see them almost every day on the tallest, most open rose in their territory, sometimes crunching up a fly like a caveman eating a big drumstick. Caught the puppies pawing at one on the driveway and rescued it a week or so ago. She was fine--saw her several times after that. Only saw the males that one time. Haven't seem them since.

      Amazing beasties.

  4. Holiday red and green. How apropos! Love the way her triangular head is echoed by the space between the petals!


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