A Few For March Bloom Day

Is that a Goldfinch in the Aloe marlothii?  
Goldfinch in the Aloe photo hotbird2374_zps5fc5f24a.jpg

The Alluaudia procera is a decade or more from bloom, but Metrosideros 'Springfire', Limonium perezii, Cotyledon 'Happy Dancing Girl', and an iceplant (Lampranthus, maybe?) provide some zip:
Alluadia, Metrosideros, Limonium photo hot2357_zps3474433d.jpg

Aloe 'Blue Glow', which looked like this on March 7th...
 photo bloo2239_zps60fa19c6.jpg
looks like this a week later:
Agave 'Blue Glow' in bloom photo hot2356_zps4cae4e79.jpg
While the ice plant glows hot...
Lampranthus, maybe photo hot2352_zps6f9cc73d.jpg
...the Hellebore is a cool customer...
 photo a12396_zps396d4a24.jpg
...and the Clivia miniata have it made in the shade...
 photo a12394_zpsbe53428e.jpg
...but the Ranunculus are just holding on in the hot, bright sun.
 photo a12402_zpsaf2e5e66.jpg
I hope your Bloom Day is a beauty.  As always thanks to May Dreams Garden Blog for this delightful event, and TGIF!


  1. I do love looking at your photos, shots of warm and bright colours that we need on a grey rainy day like today here!

    1. Jealous of your rain--please send it here!

  2. I have to say your photography.blows me away...please be sure to include common names...so I can learm..I never remember the scientific names

    1. Thanks, Sharon...not sure if any of these have common names, but I'll try to put both common and botanical when I know them.

  3. Glorious as always! The growth rate of that agave is amazing. I'm envious of your warm climate and the fabulous aloes and agaves that thrive for you! I'll trade you some rain for a couple degrees of warmth and a sunny day!

    1. Thanks, outlaw. Send the rain! The sun and heat--it's all yours.

  4. Your garden has so many bright colors working so beautifully together. The aloe blue glow bloom is going to be a beauty too!

    Happy GBBD!

  5. Thanks for the heads-up as to what Agave 'Blue Glow' looks like when it's preparing to bloom - I think I would have been frightened if I hadn't been warned, although mine's probably years from reaching bloom size.

  6. Spring looks so different in CA than it does here but I like it!

  7. Nice scenes - especially the blue glow aloe and the iceplants. Just stunning out there!


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