First Rose And Clematis Of 2013

 photo new22345_zpsf2fd87ba.jpg 
'Easy Does It' is disqualified, because it never stopped blooming at all:
 photo 3797b52b-35f3-4a49-9aa9-f6dd4678096a_zps53ef481a.jpg
'Prospero' got just a light trim, so he doesn't count either:
 photo new2326_zps973c8fef.jpg
Climbers like 'Sombreuil' and 'Lunar Mist' went on and on.  For the ones that actually got cut back significantly, 'Secret' nearly triumphed, as it often does:
 photo new2344_zps0d7973db.jpg
But the winner is 'Marie Daly', who got pruned hard and moved from an unirrigated spot in deep shade to a better place, and still managed to bounce right back in just weeks.  
 photo new2333_zps84ec7f78.jpg

The first Clematis of the year award goes to water spotted
 photo new2327_zps2ddda2f3.jpg
Usually it's always 'Bourbon'.    This year 'Bourbon' is two days behind.
 photo new2347_zps1a693c7f.jpg

 photo new2348_zps7b1232da.jpg

The Hippeastrum buds are emerging, too:
 photo new2338_zpsa04fd009.jpg
Yep, it's Spring alright.  


  1. Beautiful roses and clematis, all of your moving and pruning of roses was worth it.

    xoxoxo ♡

    1. Thank you Dianne, I think it might have been worth it after all!

  2. ooooo that pink one! stunning photos

  3. Hoover Boo, congratulations on your first roses and clematis!!! The first "real" new rose of the year always gets me so excited. In my garden only 'Old Fashioned Girl', a miniature is blooming already, the other roses are way behind. I love your clematis' as well. Great photography by the way! Happy Spring!!!

    1. Thanks and happy spring back at you--your roses must be starting up too. :)

  4. Your roses are beautiful, and so are the clematis, love them all! Funny to see how different clematis flowers are around the world, perhaps something to do with temperature and light? My Niobe looks more like your Bourbon in colour, definitely not purple.

    1. The Niobe is in a bit of shade until it gets taller, that may be what made it more purply. What amazes me is some plants that start blooming here I find via blogs also beginning to bloom somewhere like Quebec or Poland!

    2. Well, my Niobe is far from blooming, but it flowered last December though! It has started shooting new leaves, but with our cold spring this year I guess it will be June before I see any flowers.

  5. Whether she does or not, that picture of Marie Daly makes her look as though she also smells wonderful. It never fails to amaze me that in some places hippeastrum grow outdoors. I was floored to see them in Australia, and now, in your garden! Here in Portland they are indoor winter exotics.

    1. Yes Marie has a fresh, sweet fragrance on flowers the size of a quarter. I put it right by the gate so I can sniff. :) I bought the Hippeastrum bulbs long ago after a Christmas when they were 90% off. Somehow that doesn't seem fair (until I get the water bill).


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