Joe Gives Me Five

A lot of the Maireana sedifolia was dead, so I cut it to the ground.  I'm not sure what the problem was--it's extremely dry in that spot--not enough water?  Reported to be cold-hardy to 20F, it could not have been our wimpy winter. Or was it bothered by the Euphorbia flopped all over it?  From my experience with another plant, I think the Maireana can come back afresh from the stump.  Getting in there to cut it back was difficult, because it is surrounded by big prickly plants besides the caustic-sapped Euphorbia.  It was a painful job.   Agave marmorata gave me a deep stab to the right thumb and Aloe marlothii scratched my scalp until blood ran.   
 photo iris2910_zps60b50bcf.jpg
While contorted into the spot, I saw five offsets on preparing-to-bloom 'Joe Hoak'!  I was concerned it would be solitary and not replaceable. 
 photo iris2909_zps3e7fb45c.jpg
The offsets were on the uphill side, well hidden under the foliage. They were hungry for light, infested with mealy bugs, and somewhat etiolated.  I sprayed them down with alcohol to kill the mealies and put them into what has become a succulent nursery, there to root. 
 photo iris2896_zps7b36318b.jpg
Now,  fingers crossed for healthy roots.  Thanks, Joe!
  photo front2837_zps8ab19eca.jpg


  1. Lucky you with 5 Joes! And your front slope is just beautiful.

  2. Yay for Joe! And that last image...gorgeous, I've wanted to see an overall shot like that for quite awhile, thank you,

  3. Good on Joe! And that last shot, wow!

  4. I love your slope.
    And how are all the other babies doing in your succulent nursery?

    1. The slope that started as a dismaying problem has become pretty good despite lacking a plan. Babies--I need to give away 200 Agaves is how they are doing! Eeeek!

  5. Sorry abou the Agave wounds, but worth it for 5 surprise new plants, right? I agree with the others: the front garden is wonderful! I had no idea the new rock area was in the front -- for some reason I always pictured all of your garden beds sloping toward the house. This helps put things into perspective!

  6. High five, Joe! The slope looks fantastic. I know you've been busy -- I don't think there's a busier person than a rose grower in spring.


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