Sunday Eye Candy

Eye Candy galore at Roger's Gardens, a local garden center, yesterday.  
 photo aaa3375_zpsfc8ae7bd.jpg

 photo aaa3372_zpse26d7c12.jpg

 photo aaa3368_zps9ccec580.jpg

 photo aaa3366_zps475133ba.jpg

Digitalis photo aaa3365_zps34a6fb4a.jpg

 photo aaa3363_zps5c1f22e7.jpg
Gerbera photo aaa3360_zps4befa6ee.jpg
I think this might be 'Royal Sunset':
'Royal Sunset' photo aaa3354_zps96c1ac8c.jpg

'Royal Sunset' photo aaa3351_zps0cc70c3b.jpg
Phormiums and Cordylines galore
 photo aaa3350_zps7d9b2028.jpg
Leucospermum with Coleonema 'Sunset Gold'
 photo aaa3348_zps2ae1c64f.jpg 
With Acorus gramineus 'Ogon'(?) and Agave 'Kara's Choice' (?):
 photo aaa3347_zps324e9bfd.jpg

 photo aaa3346_zps335866d9.jpg
Chondropetalum looks great with Aloes and Agaves.
 photo aaa3344_zpsafe9b3b1.jpg
Some sort of hybrid or selected Euphorbia 
 photo aaa3343_zps87627917.jpg

 photo aaa3342_zps10d5d346.jpg
Leptospermum about to burst into flower
 photo aaa3341_zps916ded58.jpg
Those outlandish Pelargoniums are best in a blur. 
 photo aaa3339_zps153b6e41.jpg

It's a good thing eye candy doesn't rot teeth. I hope you have a beautiful Sunday.


  1. Wish you too a lovey Sunday. Your pictures are really gorgeous. Are these all flowering in your garden at the moment?

    1. Thanks Janneke! All of those are at a local garden center called Roger's Gardens. A very pretty place.

  2. Thanks for the pics! I was at Rogers myself yesterday for Nicholas Staddon's talk but, after picking up one of the pricey Itoh peonies, I walked through the nursery with blinders on to preven any compounding of my extravagance. I can enjoy the nursery's offerings through your photos from a safe distance...

    1. Small world, I was there too. He's so charming you want to buy everything he talks about. I'm amazed I got out of there without buying anything, for a change. Enjoy the peony (you had better, for that price). ;)

  3. Forsooth, what enchanted land is this?

    1. Hark! Roger's Gardens in Corona del Mar. Lots and lots of plant kingdom eye candy!


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