Monday Is Two---err--Three Dahlias, Two Roses, And Liatris Spicata

We're really enjoying Dahlias this year.
Forgot the name of this one:
 photo a06995_zps9f7b9045.jpg
'Arabian Nights'
 photo a07030_zps5a62737b.jpg
'Holland Festival'
aa00000 photo joe6829_zps8b09b02c.jpg
Liatris spicata is peak blooming:
aa00000 photo joe6840_zps38fd80cb.jpg
'Young Lycidas'.  I've decided the color of this rose can be described as "silvery magenta".
aa00000 photo joe6845_zps2c76c99e.jpg
'Marilyn Monroe' has an aura about her...
aa00000 photo joe6851_zpsa9b72faf.jpg
I'll be blogging again tomorrow (so I hope), returned from the San Francisco garden bloggers thingy.    


  1. Beautiful, Hoov! I'm looking forward to returning to my garden after being away for nearly a week. So much happens out there during the summer! It was so nice meeting you at the Flingy Thingy.

  2. Beautiful flowers, especially that first dahlia! I wish I could have attended the flingy thingy since it isn't so far away, but medical treatments prevented it this year. But maybe next year. Have fun!

    1. Maybe next year in Portland, Dorothy? It was fun!

  3. Beautiful roses the Young Lycidas and Marilyn Monroe, both new to me.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Gaz! Sorry, I'm so behind on responding to comments.

  5. Beautiful dahlias and roses, I especially love the last rose, such a soft yellow.
    xoxoxo ♡


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