Our Visitors Depart For Home...

Our visitors depart for home, and now there's time for the garden again, after all the laundry and vacuuming and dishwashing is done. I went out briefly simply to look--it's been a while.  The pair of Lagerstroemia 'Dynamite' look great.
 photo yuc9389_zpsd3275dbd.jpg
The warm flower color agrees with the tips of the nearby Calothamnus and the Aloe flowers.
 photo yuc9387_zps188c3343.jpg
Here they were just over a year ago.  I was about to begin digging out the Cercis trees, which the 'Dynamite' twins replaced.  
 photo crepe4884.jpg
 The biggest new development in the garden were the Yuccas.  Not only was the first 'Bright Star' in near peak bloom...
 photo yuc9395_zps3b8cc3a6.jpg 

 photo yuc9404_zpsac8f2fd9.jpg

 photo yuc9401_zpsc7aa5ee6.jpg 
...another 'Bright Star' is also developing a flower stem:
 photo yuc9398_zpse80786fd.jpg
The 'Margaritaville' Yucca are also sending up flower stems.  That's an Urginea maritima flower in the foreground. 
 photo yuc9413_zps0295c1bc.jpg

Our visitors were a lot of fun, but it's lovely to be back outside.


  1. All so pretty, those Dynamites are living up to their name. It's all come a long way from a year ago. I just love yucca flowers. Beautiful!

  2. Of course it is a pleasure to have visitors, i love it too talking,dining and so on, but our gardens are always calling us, as if we cannot live without them. Happy gardening again!

  3. The Dynamite Crapemyrtles look great, such a pretty red, and really good growth for just one year. The Yuccas also look great. I see a few in bloom here when I drive around. I'm sure your garden was probably missing you even more than you were missing it.;-)

  4. Yucca flowers are beautiful. I am still waiting for my first and having to start again with many in the new garden.

  5. Great photos, the red Dynamite flowers are so beautiful and I love the Bright Star yucca with its wonderful variegated foliage and beautiful flowers.
    xoxoxo ♡


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