Chaemerops humilis var argentea

 photo palm9878_zps5f45ffaa.jpg
My very first palm purchase (Cycas revoluta, of course, doesn't count.)  I eyed this plant several times because I love the color, a blue nearly identical to the blue of Agave americana medio-picta alba 'Aurea'. 
Like this, but a palm:
 photo palm9883_zps3d62e604.jpg 
I thought more blue foliage would look great on the blue/bronze themed balcony.  
Blue palm in a bronze pot:
 photo palm9874_zps321eb029.jpg's a palm.  Weedy Washingtonia filifera seedlings sprouting everywhere has made me a palm-hater.  However, it's time to get past that.  I cannot hold the myriad flaws of Washingtonias against the entire world of palms.
Blue and bronze
 photo palm9880_zps80068618.jpg  
Chaemerops is a very, very slow grower, exactly what I want.  It should stay as it is, or close to it, for many years. 
 photo palm9876_zps34ee1ade.jpg
More commonly known as C. humilis var cerifera, it easily handles temperatures from 0F to 130F.  It is found on rocky cliffs along the Mediterranean coast, but also up as high as 5,000 feet in the Atlas mountains of North Africa.  It stays bluest with hot dry summers, and becomes even more silvery blue with age.  It likes heat, so the oven that is our balcony should suit it.
Not every plant gets to be an Agave.
 photo palm9884_zps5fd5beb4.jpg


  1. I think it is the nicest of the palms for gardens. In your heat it should look stunning.

    1. If you recommend it, it must be good.

      I may even consider Brahea armata next.

    2. Another good one, but do not disturb the roots. I learnt the hard way and it sat there and died over the next couple of years.

    3. Thanks for the tip! I will remember that.

  2. I completely share your palm aversion. They are everywhere, therefore, I ignore them. My one and only palm purchase is still the triangle palm, neodypsis. I like yours too. Never say never.

    1. Very true, never say never, (except to Washingtonia).


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