Out In The Bright December Sun

'Prospero' looks great.  Untoasted, unblackened, unwilted.
 photo a1986_zps2bcb9b5d.jpg
The last Gaillardia flower of the year, I expect.  
 photo a1971_zps72dfa755.jpg
Aloe capitata looks happy.
 photo a1964_zps7d4798c3.jpg
Aloe capitata is one of the few Aloes that blooms from the top down instead of from the bottom up.
 photo a1950_zpsa9a4eeba.jpg
Happy Bougainvillea, too.
 photo a1962_zps01af254e.jpg
Happy Hummingbird, looking for another hummingbird to harass:
 photo a1955_zpsb92bebdf.jpg
Bright sun just touching a Bromeliad.
 photo a1934_zpsd2c7306c.jpg   
Just a flick of its golden fingertips
 photo a1935_zps2e8d5940.jpg   
 Shy of sun in hot summer, Senecio radicans enjoys the bright but gentle winter light.
 photo a1933_zps79798ae2.jpg  
How much more we all appreciate the sun in December!      


  1. It's late January/early February when I appreciate the sunny days most.

    Love that Bougainvillea/Agave shot!

  2. Just when we here are crossing fingers hoping for lots of precious rain...

  3. "How much more we all appreciate the sun in December!" -- Especially here in the gray, frozen North. I love that Bougainvillea with the Agave, great combo. Thanks for the winter sun, almost as good as being there.

    1. Stay warm! In only about two weeks the days start getting longer again!

  4. Those aloe blooms are pretty bizarre!

  5. I had to stop at the Bougainvillea / 'Blue Glow' Agave shot...serious jealousy is now kicking in. Even with me knowing your gasoline and home prices, traffic, etc. That is an amazing combo, as I shiver!

    1. Stay warm. It's kind of cold here too. We had to turn the heater on last night.

  6. I love the textures of the bougainvillea shot and your Prospero rose looks delightful!

  7. Beautiful flowers and leaves in the gentle sun of December.
    xoxoxo ♡


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