A Few Pictures Of Warm And Sunny

A few pictures of warm and sunny, because some of you might need it. 
Aloe maculata 'Yellow Form'
 photo a-5-2708_zpse3b3d724.jpg
Heuchera, Alyssum, Violas, and other plants in a vertical planter
 photo a-5-2710_zpseebef9af.jpg
 photo a-5-2713_zps94e4747f.jpg
 A whole lotta Cyclamen
 photo a-5-2715_zpse047dae3.jpg 
Grevillea 'Moonlight'
 photo a-5-2720_zpsee2a292f.jpg
It was a gorgeous day--one could not have asked for better--but I'd rather have rain.  If it's grey or snowy where you are--keep the sun and warmth in your hearts.  Spring is never that far away.  Yes, I know, easy for me to say...


  1. You may already know this, but since you love aloes, I thought I'd mention that Brian Kembel, president of the San Francisco Succulent and Cactus Society, will be speaking at the So. Calif. Horticulture Institute's January 9 meeting on the aloes of South Africa's Winter Rainfall Region. The meeting is at Friendship Auditorium, 3201 Riverside Drive, Los Angeles; meeting starts at 8 p.m., but there's a schmoozing period beginning at 7.

    1. Oh, that sounds great! Thanks for the info! I wish I was more of a driver. So many good things going on, but so far away.

  2. No chance of snow here dear Hoover, it is hot!. Glorious flowers, especially the yellow Aloe maculata and Grevillea 'Moonlight", one of my favourites.
    xoxoxo ♡

  3. Thanks for the dose of sun and warmth. I'd send you some rain but we are way below our usual amount for winter up here as well.

    1. Oh dear. We'd both better get some rain soon!

  4. That's a gorgeous warm dose - especially the aloe and the Grevillea. I don't know Arctotis, but I like what I see!
    I'm counting the days until the end of January when we get to come south, at least as far as SLO county.


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