Agave 'Blue Glow' Harvest Time

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I promised a few people some 'Blue Glow' seeds, and wanted to get them sent off before rose-pruning begins and nothing else gets done.  The cut stalk was 13 feet 4 inches long (~4 meters).  
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Most of the seed pods contained only 1-3 viable seeds, so I did a lot of pod-cutting to obtain enough seeds to mail off.  I got them mailed this afternoon--recipients, you know who you are.  Your receipt of them is now dependent upon your postal system.  Good luck with that.  

I was able to harvest 28 bulbils (plantlets) from the flower stalk.  The largest were barely 3" long (72 mm) and the smallest were less than 10 mm.  
Based on my last experience with Agave bulbils, I expect to get at least a few viable plants.  One is all I need to replace the original--anything else will be a big bonus. 
 photo a-3-2691_zps4f5d4bfb.jpg
I'm considering hacking apart the bloomed-out but still alive 'Blue Glow' to see if I can get an axial rosette or two to root.  Why not?  The original plant has lost its superb symmetry and beauty.  It has produced successors and seeds.  There will likely be a plantlet to replace the original to again provide amazing beauty, like this:
 photo a-3-2669_zpsf8a4d558.jpg  

A few other bits of beauty...the Agave marmorata is coming into its own as far as beauty goes.  When smaller, it was rather boring.  No longer!
 photo a-3-2682_zpsedcb19ee.jpg
The Aloe on the left and behind magnificent marmorata was labelled A. dorotheae.  It's not, but it does redden up gloriously in winter. 
 photo a-3-2685_zpsb406c913.jpg
The Aloe cameronii, also with winter-reddened foliage, has flowers just about to open.
 photo a-3-2658_zps6877bd1b.jpg
Agave 'Joe Hoak' still has not bloomed.  I think its waiting for substantial rain.  Neighbor Senecio is blooming for it.  
 photo a-3-2680_zpsd6618513.jpg
Opuntia microdaysis is desperate for water as well,  Some of the pads look like they are ready to crest, though my plant might be a wavy-pad variant.  Looks like it has mealy bug, too.  I'll have to spray it with alcohol.  
 photo a-3-2668_zpsea38cbe7.jpg 
In the well-watered part of the garden, the fridge-chilled tulips are emerging.
 photo a-3-2703_zps75ee6765.jpg 
The fabulous red foliage of  'Pacific Sunset' Coprosma...
 photo a-3-2698_zps9fe66cd2.jpg
...agrees perfectly with 'Firefighter'...
 photo a-3-2696_zpsde46f33a.jpg
...which has come roaring back since the 'Laguna' rose that engulfed it all summer was removed.
 photo a-3-2707_zpsf5be9ae9.jpg
Winter, the season of a California gardener's frantic activity.  To work!  To work!
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  1. Excellent that you managed to get so many plants from the one! Great photos too.

    1. Your dog is so cute!

      That's one of the cool things about Agaves--once you have one, you have many (eventually).

  2. The combination of colors from the foliage and flowers of Aloe cameronii is wonderful.

    1. Ain't it a beauty? It's kind of plain the rest of the year.

  3. What a delight your colorful posts are in the middle of winter! That reddened Aloe is gorgeous.

    1. Thanks Alison! Now send some rain down south, okay? :^)

  4. For you: to work, for us: to rest...though some sunny days are beckoning me to get in some early weeding. I learned something valuable from this post too: alcohol spray for mealy bugs...brilliant.

    1. Yes, you have to spray daily for a while for the hatchlings and eggs, but it gets them!

  5. You always have such beautiful things in your garden every winter -- love those Aloe!

    1. Thanks, Alan! Hope your winter storm is not as bad as it looks on the news. Stay warm.


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