A Bulb Meadow

 photo 3-13-4435_zps5cb04edf.jpg
A nearby homeowner creates a flowering meadow every spring with a variety of bulbs and perennials.
 photo 3-13-4439_zpsc0517823.jpg
A beautiful overall effect...
 photo 3-13-4433_zps42c0baf7.jpg 
...with details to enjoy.
 photo 3-13-4440_zps55a2a8b4.jpg

 photo 3-13-4449_zpsa91a4943.jpg

 photo 3-13-4465_zps00cd3496.jpg
The color theme is red, white, and blue(ish).
 photo 3-13-4451_zps8f80bb2b.jpg

 photo 3-13-4441_zpsbe5dbccc.jpg
Touches of yellow, also.
 photo 3-13-4448_zps67b1a762.jpg   

 photo 3-13-4428_zpse96c6ad1.jpg
Beautiful roses complete the scene.
'Golden Showers'(?) 
 photo 3-13-4436_zps211a1645.jpg
 photo 3-13-4466_zpsdda34d58.jpg 


  1. Lucky you to have such nice neighbors. I am thankful when mine plant anything, let alone a lovely meadow.

    1. Very nice neighbors indeed! Wish this house was right next door.

  2. Such a lovely idea to plant a flower meadow, the flowers and grasses look very beautiful.
    xoxoxo ♡

    1. It is a lot of work for the homeowner--it looks rather effortless, but it isn't.

  3. Very pretty! How does he/she care for it at the end of the season? I can't imagine those tulips come back year after year.

    1. The perennials are groomed, the bulbs are dug up and discarded; warm-season annuals are added for summer/fall; new bulbs planted afresh in late fall/early winter. I wish I was so organized!

  4. Gorguous, a bulbflower meadow together with perennials. Great idea, but I think a lot of work to keep it up. Oh, I want to have more land I should like to try something like that. Beautiful roses too!

    1. Yes, a lot of work, dedication, and thought. But beautiful results!

  5. That's a lovely effect with the flowers and the grass (or grassy foliage) supporting it. That's the kind of neighbor/homeowner to have - would that we could arrange it so every time!

    1. Even the homeowner's potting bench area is beautifully arranged, decorated, and immaculate. Funny the property next door to that is of course a complete mess. Isn't it always like that?


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