Bloom Day March 2014: Tomato Flowers Count, Right?

Spring seems about three weeks early, and we really didn't get any winter.
Tomato flowers!  
 photo blum4515_zpsebbbf149.jpg
The general state of things:
 photo blum4374_zps0261040f.jpg  
Aloe pseudorubroviolacea is going to bloom for the very first time.  I've had this plant five or six years. It was about 5" in diameter on arrival.  The roots rotted and I succesfully re-rooted it.  Now it is 24".  A solitary rosette, in nature this Aloe is found hanging from cliffs along the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia.  The flower stems are peaking out like baby birds from a nest.
 photo blum4486_zps4e9883bc.jpg 

 photo blum4487_zps81aa38c0.jpg 
Also the first flower from Hunnemannia fumariifolia:
 photo blum4471_zpsc8b35af2.jpg 
The spent carcass of 'Blue Glow' Agave, rootless...
 photo blum4554_zpse14a0261.jpg
But look at the blooming stalk it still has the energy to produce:
 photo blum4553_zps6733bc70.jpg 
 We take a break from our normally scheduled blooms for a foliage interlude:
 photo blum4276_zps2faa92ae.jpg 
Aloe camperi is the last of the winter blooming Aloes.  Buh-bye, winter, (even though we didn't get one).
 photo blum4551_zpsef9d4c4d.jpg 
Dyckia 'Dark Shadows':
 photo blum4548_zps0ce702d7.jpg
White Ranunculus:
 photo blum4523_zpsd8fe467e.jpg  

 photo blum4522_zpsbd166456.jpg
Cistanthe grandiflora (formerly Calandrinia)
 photo blum4546_zps3f58910f.jpg 
The veggie garden 'Sombreuil' started blooming before I got around to pruning it.  Next year...
 photo blum4543_zps518294a2.jpg 
The Sweet Peas continue.
 photo blum4511_zps92d40f58.jpg
'The Endeavour' has enormous flowers this year.  That one is 6" (15 cm) in diameter.
 photo blum4503_zpsf17f3f64.jpg 
Usually the Madeira geranium doesn't start blooming until late April.  
 photo blum4490_zps8f2cb2d0.jpg 
'Easy Does It' with "dutch" iris in the background:
 photo blum4495_zps34df607a.jpg
And those iris--love them.  Wish they held up to heat a little better.  It's already too warm for them to last long.
 photo blum4496_zps4383e69d.jpg
Unlike most everything else in the garden, the Hellebore flowers are late--two months late, I think.  Maybe they were holding out for winter weather.  Sigh.  We've both given up hoping.
 photo blum4492_zps37f6a608.jpg 
Right next to the Hellebore in the garden, (only in California?) a Cymbidium just opening.  These flowers last for two months at least--often longer.  
 photo blum4494_zpse1a89d5c.jpg 
Happy Bloom Day March,  click on over to May Dreams for many more.   


  1. Some great photos today: love the spider web and the Ranunculus: wow! Madeira geranium looks really nice too.

  2. Gosh, your plants all look so perfect. That poor agave really is giving its all - they're amazing. And that spider web is stunning!

    1. I confess I don't take pictures of the funny-looking ones.

  3. I am not normally drawn to white flowers, but those ranunculus look good enough to eat.

    1. No "white garden"? They seem so classic Tidewater...

  4. Happy GBBD! Kudos on getting that Aloe to re-root, it's a beauty! I could look at that photo of 'Easy Does It' with the blue Dutch iris all day.

    1. I've been out looking at the real thing again and again.

  5. White ranuncs, who knew? Purity on stems. I think winter/summer will henceforth be differentiated by daylength, strength and angle of light, and not by temps. We're cooler than you, but our heater broke again a couple months ago and wasn't missed at all...

    1. I sure didn't. More white Ranuncs next year. Heater? We had the windows open all night every night. :(

  6. Those ranunculus slay me. Such purity! And I can almost smell your sweet peas. Yes, tomato flowers count, though I can't even start to think about them until May up here. Happy Bloom Day, Hoov!

    1. I probably still won't get tomatoes until July. I never get tomatoes until July. I plant them in January, I get tomatoes in July. I plant them in June, I get tomatoes in July. Oh, well...Happy Bloom Day!

  7. wow those white flowers are wonderful..i have some irises like that...that web is pure perfection

  8. I think I was taken by Hunnemannia you showed in bloom last year - I really need to try it in my own garden. Odd that the hellebore's bloom cycle was delayed - I thought my own was going to take a pass again this year when it surprised me with blooms last weekend. In contrast, most of my garden seems to be advancing rapidly toward summer (except my sweet peas which still haven't bloomed!).

    1. And my Sweet Peas may be toast after today's 91F. :^) Hope you get some flowers from yours yet.

  9. Beautiful images dear Hoover, it is such a great feeling when plants flower after waiting for such a long time. Love your hellebore.
    xoxoxo ♡

    1. Thank you Dianne! As always you are so gracious.

  10. Basking in your beauty. One of these days we will get sunshine of our own, but I'm not holding my breath.


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