Boris At Play

Boris at play photo 3-2-4224_zps517e2dfb.jpg
The garden needs to dry out a bit before I can get back out there.  More time to play with the puppies.
Boris at play photo 3-2-4229_zps2ebdad6e.jpg
Boris loves to play catch.  Natasha likes to grab the ball and go hide in the crate and not come out.  That's no fun!
Boris at play photo 3-2-4226_zpsc19b3154.jpg

Boris at play photo 3-2-4230_zps387dd28c.jpg
Boris at rest.  Natasha has been chewing on his face again.  Unlike the kitchen baseboard, at least his hair can grow back.
Boris at rest photo 3-2-4233_zps7bf3c97a.jpg


  1. These dogs are so cute. What on earth should we gardeners be without them, life should be easier, but we need the change and fun we have of them.

  2. They are such lovely dogs. Our mutt is another that loves to play, the more time you spend playing with her the better. With the building work at ours, we can't have her at the moment and she is staying with my parents where there is a garden without glass all over it.

  3. Great shots of the dogs having fun!

  4. I just saw a video on Facebook of a huskie running through a big pile of leaves...such joy! Wish I could see Boris and Natasha in action...well, Boris anyway.

  5. Lovely Boris! Silly Natasha. And now you have a taste of the Northwest garden saturated ground typically in effect from Feb through June!

    1. I wish! After three inches of rain, much of the soil in the garden is bone dry about 3" down.


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