How Is 'Joe Hoak' Doing On The Blooming?

'Joe' is slow.  The first flowers will open in a few days. 
 photo Herc5056_zpsc5200ee5.jpg
Rain is imminent;  I planted a little Aloe cryptoflora out front and moved a 'Bright Star' Yucca from the front slope to the west (project) slope.  The rain will water them in.  
Agave sebastiana in the background.  Aloe cryptoflora in the foreground:
 photo Herc5087_zps7fe1dd5f.jpg 
Now that it is December, the front slope is soon going to display numerous Aloe flowers, but for now the Agave marmoratas show off their wavy leaves.  
 photo Herc5093_zps1ddfb0a2.jpg
Same species, different look.  The above is a tissue cultured plant from Proven Winners and is near bloom size.  There is a single offset ready to take its space when needed.  The next one is several years younger and from a farm in Vera Cruz:
 photo Marmorata5060_zps5d62f36f.jpg
I notice there are still Monarch caterpillars on the milkweed.  I hope the rain doesn't damage them--temperatures will remain in the 60s, so cold won't be a serious issue.  I hope they can handle the rain.
 photo Herc5101_zpsc84d5f2f.jpg
Those milkweed seeds will get watered in by the rain.  Good timing!
 photo Herc5102_zps5f6fcbc4.jpg
There was a 'Bright Star' Yucca in the spot marked with a pink "x".  It looks better now with a small space between the Aloe and the Yucca. 
 photo move5111_zps57930b57.jpg
It was a particularly dry spot, so the Yucca wasn't thriving.  Growing, yes.  Thriving--not quite.  I needed at least one more 'Bright Star' for the project slope, so decided to move that one from the front.  I'd soaked the area a few days ago to make sure the soil was soft enough to dig.  
Not too difficult to get out.  
 photo Move5109_zpsa190b2b3.jpg
It had quite a lot of dead foliage because it wasn't getting enough water.  I pulled that off. 
 photo move5110_zpsd63257d8.jpg
Getting late, getting dark, new home. 
 photo move5113_zps243bace9.jpgOkay, rain.  Proceed.  


  1. Hope that rain did/will arrive. The aloes blooming are something to look forward to indeed in the coming weeks, the displays will be spectacular I can imagine (which I'm sure you'll share photos of).

  2. Oh gosh, Yucca 'Bright Star' that big...what a site! Hope you get lots of rain.

    1. Oh, the original oldest plant is way bigger than that.

      The rain is coming down, not heavily but steady. Grateful for every drop!

  3. Your timing was perfect. The rain has arrived here in Davis, and there's more oomph to it than in previous systems. Hopefully it will make its way down south soon.

    1. We need some oomph. Hoping we get more. Enjoy!

  4. I hope the rain has reached you. It's coming down steadily here right now - not heavy but steady. I love your Agave marmorata - I need to look for it. I also think I should probably diminish the distance between my own Yucca 'Bright Star' but I've been somewhat loathe to dig them up since they're currently well-rooted and relatively safe from raccoon rampages.

    1. They get pretty big, it just takes a while. I wouldn't put them too close.

      Yes, steady but not heavy here so far. Barrels are filling. Loving it!

  5. The caterpillars will be fine in the rain -- they handle our thunderstorms each summer. I've always thought that the variegated yuccas weren't that attractive, but seeing yours... I'm going to have to add some I think. Maybe 2015 is the year of yucca for me...

    1. Thanks, good to know the caters will be okay in rain.

      That particular Yucca is the prettiest, to me anyway. It lights up a space.

  6. Lovely images of your plants dear Hoover, I really like the variegated yuccas and the buds on Joe Hoak look great - I hope you get some good soaking rain.
    xoxoxo ♡

    1. We're getting a soft, steady rain, the kind that soaks in. It's wonderful. The plants and the plant-keeper are happy!

  7. Rain ho! Get ready for your garden to explode.


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