Bees Swarm, Leave This

Beeswax.  Isn't that cool?  A neighbor saw a swarm on one of her shrubs.  After the swarm departed, there were bits of beeswax on stems and leaves.  

I depart this post with a couple of pretty plant pictures.  
Rosa 'Pink Gruss an Aachen'.  Roses offer no nectar, but bees sometimes examine the flowers for pollen. 
 Leucadendron linifolium.  Have not seen bees at these flowers.    Leucadendrons are dioecious.  This plant is female.
 Huh.  How 'bout that beeswax?


  1. That beeswax is interesting! I've been eyeing Leucadendron linifolium at my local nursery but the spot I have for it may not provide enough sun so I continue to deliberate. I need to monitor the sun levels on the south side of our house for awhile...

    1. Mine is in sunrise-to-sunset sun, and seems happy there. It's quite big.

  2. That beeswax is amazing, I wonder why the bees left it on the leaf? Lot of buds on your rose and the Leucadendron looks lovely.
    xoxoxo ♡

    1. I am wondering about that beeswax. Honey bees have a gland on their bodies that produce the wax and it appears in flakes on their abdomens. With so many bees crowded together in a swarm, some is deposited on the surroundings. Bees are quite amazing!


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