Not Everyone Is Happy About The Rain

 Get my paws wet? 
Not me!

When you are as gorgeous as Natasha you can do as you like.  The rest of us are thinking about the California Drought Map, which about a year ago looked like this:

 The darker the color, the worse the drought.  White means "no drought".  The one published today looks like this:

 It's getting better here!  Get your paws wet!


  1. Hi Gail, looks familiar, my Dobermans are also not keen to get out in the rain!
    The drive to play of my puppy girl is so strong, though, that it overcomes her dislike of wet weather and then we have a brown Doberman instead of a black one after a short while, because the lawn is just a muddy mess right now!
    Warm regards,

    1. Dobermans are so beautiful! I guess it's the rarity of rain, not the breed. The puppies destroyed their little lawn within a week of their arrival, whereupon I had a plastic one installed. They pulled it out and dragged it around the yard, but I put it back and held it down with 60 lb blocks. The things we do for our pets. Enjoy the rain! Isn't it heavenly?

  2. It's snow or nothing lady. I pull sleds and herd reindeer. You seem to think that I'm a duck or something.

  3. My cat behaves the same way but I suppose Natasha wouldn't appreciate that comparison. It's come down here in buckets this morning.

    1. Buckets! Hip, hip, hooray!

      Natasha believes cats are useful if you can steal their food.

      When Natasha can hold it no longer she heaves a big sigh, glares at me, then runs out there and runs back after. She's funny. Boris is not nearly so fastidious. The rain doesn't seem to bother him at all.

  4. Maybe not the wetness of it all, but I bet they like the cooler temperatures. With coats like that, I honestly don't know how they survive that relentless heat! Oh - and I am thrilled you're all getting rained upon! Hooray!!!

    1. They are a lot bouncier in cool weather, but they manage to enjoy themselves no matter what.

      Thanks for sending that wet stuff south! We're closing in on what we got all of last year, with the historically rainiest weeks yet to come. :)


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