Die lawn! Die!

We have very little lawn. There are a couple of small areas by the pond and the front door where the dogs like to sleep, and there, lawn is appropriate. By the driveway, where the dogs don't like to sleep, three modest areas of lawn have functioned as pathways. Well, they used to function as pathways. Lately they've functioned as rabbit salad bars, increasingly brown, rabbit-poop-covered salad bars. So the other day, it was time to start scraping the lawn off.

Due to the drought, one reads over and over ad nauseum about The Evils Of Lawn. We are advised to "remove that thirsty lawn and plant California natives" Which is fairly silly. A Coast Live Oak and a lawn are two very different things, functionally speaking. A toddler can't ride a tricycle around on a Coast Live Oak. But more on that some other time. This is about rabbit crap.

I'm not in The Evils Of Lawn camp: I like lawn. In fact, I love lawn. I like a river of thick, cool green velvet curving around my house. But my lawn never looked like a river of green velvet. I won't apply the amount of water it needs to look like green velvet, because there is a drought on, after all. So off came the fescue and on went some flagstones:

I thought I would miss that little patch of grass, that it would make that area look stark and arid. Instead I was surprised that the color of the flagstone matched the color of the window trim and roof, bringing a bit of unity to what had been, I thought, a rather poor choice of paint color. Does it look that stark and arid now?

I'll put some Elfin thyme or Dymondia margaretae between the flagstones. I note with satisfaction that the rabbits have gone elsewhere.


  1. The crazy paving suits the garden and house much better than the postage stamp lawn. Nice job.

  2. it looks wonderful!! i found your blog through blotanical and am so glad i did! your garden is just gorgeous and the paving works perfectly with the whole theme..:)

  3. Look at that gorgeous garden! I think the thyme with the stones is going to be wonderful.


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