Upside Down Tomato Update I

Healthy, a reasonable amount of growth, pest free, plenty of flowers, but no sign of fruit-set. My conventionally planted tomatos have a few fruits, but this one has none yet. I'm concerned that the balcony spot might be too far out of the way for pollinators, so perhaps it's time to move it somewhere that will give the pollinators better access.

I've watered it only twice since I hung it up, because we've been enjoying our visit from "Catalina Eddy": "Catalina Eddy" is a Southern California weather pattern in which, due to a slight low pressure swirl roughly around Catalina Island, a humid layer of marine air hangs over the mainland in the form of overcast. It's also called "May Grey", and "June Gloom". Raymond Chandler called it "high fog".

This cloudy layer holds daytime temperatures down to the high 60's Fahrenheit (roughly 15-21C), so the soil stays moist. Sometimes it remains continually overcast for several weeks, and is typical May or June weather. It is a coastal phenomenon--the inland deserts miss out on this and are already headed for the 100's (>38C). Beach goers and tourists hate it, but flowers (and gardeners) love it. Tomatoes, on the other hand, being sun and heat lovers, merely wait it out. Here's the tomato from upstairs, waiting out Catalina Eddy's sweeping grey cloak:

Not the best pictures, so some gratuitous Flornography to compensate you:

See what I mean about Catalina Eddy and happy flowers?


  1. oh your flowers are amazing! and to be honest, your tomato is way ahead of mine. i got a late start, but no flowers yet and i'm getting nervous it's going to be too hot here for the pollen to survive at this point. hopefully not. we live in the hot texas sun, but the toms are in a more shaded spot with plenty of access for pollinators. so hopefully they will do alright..;)

    i'm betting your's will produce an amazing harvest. our upside downs last year did way better than our in ground ones...good luck!!


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