A Zealous Friend to Roses

Zelus renardii, the Leaf Hopper Assassin Bug, is an aggressive predator and therefore a stalwart friend to roses. However, it is slightly less friendly to Rosarians, because it can inflict a painful sting if accidentally handled.

So leave her where she is, and know she's there to eat the bad guys, not to gnaw through a perfect fat golden flower bud.

It's difficult for me to write anything when I'm in a funk, and I've obviously been in a long dark slide the past month. I was struggling with a sick koi who I couldn't save, and concerned that other koi would be next. Pond treatments, antibiotics, an appearance of Fish Lice, getting a microscope for examinations and learning to use it, learning to anesthetize a fish for treatment, a setback in the biological filters meaning I was constantly checking water quality and making adjustments.

My pets--I'm responsible for them. I bought them and brought them here and so I owe them my care. I apologize for my failure. And an apology to you, Reader. Sorry I've been away. I must apologize also to my roses, who have also been neglected during all this. Zealous I must be as well. The Assassin Bug can't do it all herself.