The Incredible Shrinking Hand

Same hand, same pond, same koi...

September 15, 2006:

September 14, 2009:

OK, I admit it's the koi growing, not the hand shrinking. See how fast koi can grow? The koi was 4" (10 cm) in the first picture, and about 24" (60 cm) in the second, which is not all that large. Tomorrow it is three years to the day that we bought our first koi. It's been an adventure, heart wrenching at times, but educational always.

As a side note, if you squint a bit, you can see (especially in the first photo) my deadheading finger, the finger against which I snap off old flowers. It's pretty battered. That's stain in the skin, not dirt. All in a good cause, for a beautiful garden.

Happy Anniversary!


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