Koi season is winding down

The warm weather koi feeding and growing season is winding down. The water was 75.9F today, but it will gradually cool off now with the shorter days and colder nights.

Rita, who was 7" in May 2008, is close to 24" now. She's become the largest koi in the pond.

The two Showas, Hana and Princess Yuki, earlier this year. Princess Yuki was 12.5" in June. She has not grown much, perhaps 4". Hana was about 6.5" in May 2008. She's about 22" today. Good growth for her. Note the black dot on her nose and compare it to the following two photos.

The sumi (black) is beginning to emerge on Hana's face. She looks like she's grown a mustache. You can see additional sumi that has yet to fully emerge.

Still hungry!