I can't be the only one

Is not the most painful of all gardening activities set out on every seed packet?

It begins: "Thin seedlings..."

I am assured that one must be strong and thin out the vegetable seedlings. However, it is more than a little heartbreaking to see those beautiful baby plants, so bright and hopeful in their newness and freshness, emerge from the earth, knowing that some of them are doomed.

But it must be done. I try, but never can seed thinly enough to save every seedling. This week I came upon a solution not quite so bad as leaving the sacrificed to shrivel among their luckier sprouts. I eat them.

They are delicious, nutty with a touch of pepper. I savor each tiny bite. I recognize each tiny life. At least that is not a waste. Nature is endless waste. Most acorns never become Oaks. Most beautiful flowers are never cherished. Kittens are drowned. Most gifted people do not get the opportunity to use their gifts for a more beautiful world. Nature cannot be denied, but my savored spinach and broccoli seedlings are at least remembered, recognized, enjoyed. It's something.

Others must feel this way. I can't be the only one.


  1. no way, you are not the only one. It is difficult! But spacing is important. I usually overcrowd everything if I am TOO nice.
    Good post about thinning, it is important!

  2. I'm another one. It just seems right (and they are tasty). I could have gone without the drowned kitten comparison though...


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