Marmara Cambium Miner

Rose pruning continues--briefly. It poured here today for a few hours, then the sun came out, so I got outside and trimed a rose I'm thinking of removing. It's a good rose, but no fragrance, flowers are short-lived, gets I'm thinking about how much I really need it.

While I was trimming I saw some tunnels of the Marmara cambium miner. This is the larva of a moth that tunnels into the cambium layer of rose stems, leaving grey trails. Most of the damage I see from this pest is on small twiggy stuff that gets trimmed off anyway, so I don't worry about it.

It's clouding up again. More rain on the way.


  1. Very smart to set up the blue pool to catch rain! I'm trying to collect as much rain as I can too with all the plastic containers I cam find. Your pond is beautiful! I am enjoying your blog!


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