Pruning Austin Roses

The Austin roses have just a flower or two each today. It's pruning time and a good trimming will refresh them for 2010. Weary though they are, still they manage to welcome 2010 with their usual beauty.

'Bishop's Castle'

'Abraham Darby'

'Evelyn' shows why she is The Diva:

'Abraham Darby'

Pruning Austins is mostly a matter of just removing all the twiggy bits. The exception to this rule occurs when the plant consists solely of twiggy bits--in that case just a light shaping. There are a few Austins that have upright HT-like growth habits. Those are pruned exactly like upright HT type roses. 'Mary Rose' is a classic shrubby Austin. Here's how prune 'Mary Rose' Note that the wall in the photos behind Mary is 6 feet tall. That gives you an idea of the scale.

Mary Rose before pruning

Mary Rose one day after pruning

Mary Rose 10 weeks after after pruning:


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