Rose Pruning Meets Rain

Rose pruning continues. Or it did until yesterday at five minutes past three in the afternoon, when the rain began. We are predicted to get a real El Niño week, meaning several inches of rain within 5 days. After four years of drought I've noticed a few things about what the weather people forecast and what actually happens.

In a drought, rain starts later, and is lighter than the weather people predict. Often predicted rain fails to materialize altogether.

In an El Niño year, rain starts earlier and is heavier than the weather people predict. Sometimes it even rains when it's not predicted.

Yesterday the prediction was for scattered showers after dark. Here, it started around three pm and was fairly steady and widespread. Ergo: El Niño's back! I and every other gardener in Southern California is rejoicing right now.

Pruning will continue when the rain ceases. I'm willing to wait. Weeks, even.
The pile won't increase for a while.

I set up the koi's 600 gallon quarantine tank to use for rainwater storage. After the rain passes and the soil dries out a bit, I'll use this precious rain water on the driest parts of the garden. I'm hoping to completely fill the tank. We'll see if I can.

The roses that I pruned yesterday just before it rained are inside and dry. Now for a few days of activities like baking a cake, and making hot soup, normally things that don't hold much appeal when it's 80F and sunny outside.