My Variegated Phase

Variegated Aeonium arborescens

I've read that every gardener goes through a variegated phase: when all the plants that catch their eye and come along home have variegated foliage. This continues for a season or two, then the gardener wises up, realizes the wisdom and beauty of plain green foliage, and leaves their variegated phase behind.

Well, I'm stuck in mine. The wisdom and beauty of plain green foliage continues to elude me. Look around and the only green foliage plants visible here are in the neighbor's yards. In my defense, I'll point out that variegated versions of plants are often smaller growers than their all-green counterparts. Less green = less chlorophyll production = smaller plant. This means a plant too large in the original green will fit nicely if it's the variegated model.

When will my Variegated Phase end? I'm in no hurry.

Variegated Metrosideros

Variegated Carex

Variegated Hydrangea

Pittosporum tenuifolium 'Marjorie Channon'


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