Pyrethropsis hosmariense: Can't pronounce it, can grow it

What the Hellebore is to shade, Pyrethropsis hosmariense--good grief, call it Moroccan Daisy--is to sun. Another small, undemanding, overlooked, unsung hero of a plant, it has little need for water coupled with beautiful polished-pewter foliage and plentiful, charming flowers.

Pie-ree'-throp-sis? Pyre-throp'-sis? Pie-reh-throp'-sis? Haws-ma-ree'-en-see? Pronnouncing that one is like having a wad of caramel lodged on your teeth, or a glob of peanut butter glued to the roof of your mouth. Getting your tongue around the name is more difficult than caring for Pyrethropsis hosmariense. Plant it in the coolness of late fall and forget it. Good drainage, full sun, temperatures above 15F. If you're a control freak, deadhead. Split it maybe every three years, and you'll have more. Rabbits won't eat it. Another small, water-wise gem for California. Another unsung garden hero.


  1. Anybody knows where I can purchase Pyrethropsis hosmariense plants/seeds?

    1. If you are in California, I see it offered every spring by wholesaler Native Sons nursery and San Marcos also, if you have a garden center nearby that offers Native Sons or San Marcos plants, they may be able to get it for you.


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