"Bargain" Rose Vs. "Expensive" Rose

Is There A Difference?

Is there a difference in buying a "bargain" rose from a big-box store vs. buying one from a garden center?   The photo shows three 'Julia Child' floribunda roses.   The two on the left were planted in January of 2007.  The one in the rectangle was planted in June of 2007.  Though it was planted six months later, it's a reasonable expectation to think it could catch up to the other two after nearly three full years in the ground. 

The "bargain" rose is in the black rectangle.  It cost $5.  On the left side of the photograph are two 'Julia Child's that cost 3 times as much.  What do you think?  Are the $15 roses that much better than the $5 rose? 

And now for something completely different:

Rosa 'Day Breaker':
Rosa 'Day Breaker'

Only in California:  Epidendrum orchid, Madeira geranium, and Japanese Maple:
Only In California

Even an ordinary begonia looks beautiful on a spring morning:


  1. Good experiment on the roses! And aren't begonias just lovely?


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