Gosh Darn Garden Hose!

Darn garden hose!

Gosh Darn that garden hose!  I was in my pajamas and bathrobe and pink fuzzy slippers, which are a little ratty because I wear them out into the garden, which was wet from a rare April rain, and cold, so I didn't move that garden hose to take the picture, and I should have.  Oh well.  Don't do that!  Put the hose away!

My slippers got less pink as I wandered around.  Rosa 'Fabulous' continues to be so:
Fabulous is

That's Hemerocallis 'Butterscotch Ruffles' in there with 'Fabulous!'  Probably my least favorite day lily in the garden, but it's looking good this year.
Fabulous is

And Rosa 'Top Notch' is, yes, top notch:
Rosa Top Notch

I love how the foliage goes all the way to the ground.  This one was slow to establish, and re-bloom was also slow the first 3 years, but now it's excellent, with  thick petal substance.   Here it is again.  That's climbing rose 'Altissimo' in the background:

Top Notch

It's been fairly cold for April the past few days, and we had a little rain Tuesday and Wednesday.  This type of weather gives the flowers deeper, richer color.   Here's 'Molineux''s April color--in August he'll be far more pale: 
Molineux cluster

And speaking of color, we must remember that yes, green is a color too, and that the variety of greens in the world is marvelous.  The blue-grey green of Eucalypts in the background, the glowing cast of 'Swane's Golden' Italian Cypress, and the rich green of spring-fresh Parthenocissus tricuspidata:
Green is a color

Okay, this cuts that garden hose out of the shot.  I feel a little better now. 
Darn garden hose!


  1. Waaahh, really nice photos! Yours are my favourite on Garden Web and here too. How do you prune your roses when there's so much planted around them? Can your garden be seen from the street? It looks like you have more of a courtyard type? Is your backyard as pretty as your front? I'm a 16 yr old boy, just starting out in gardening, and I live in So. Cal too.

  2. Your garden is lush and incredibly beautiful. And a golden cypress! Who knew? Looks like your roses knew what to do with the ample winter rains we've had.

  3. Thank you PigsnieLite! I do a lot of maneuvering to prune my roses, but I also have a pole pruner that extends my reach. I'm going to blog about it later in the week, as a matter of fact.

    Thank you Denise! I love those golden cypress. They stay smaller than the species, only about 1/3rd as large, so they fit in spaces where the species would be too big. There is an even smaller one (though not golden) called 'Tiny Tower' that I love as well.

  4. Oh man. Those chartreuse cypresses in front of that magenta bougainvillea is about as beautiful a thing as I have ever seen.


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