My Design Travails Continue

I had two Cordyline 'Torbay Dazzler' in pots by the front door.  They looked decent, but in my effort to learn design principles and thus come off as a really savvy (ha!), sophisticated (ha!) gardener,  I decided to add Sedum 'Lemon Belle' and some Aeonium 'Zwartzkopf' to the pots:

Cordeline, Sedum, Aeonium

"Wow!", I thought, observing my efforts, "I might be starting to get the hang of this design thing!" 

Then I started looking around...and realized my design triumph looks like heck in the spot where I placed it--it's surrounded by a hedge of Austin Roses, and the colors don't agree.  At all.   Not to mention the juxtaposition of modernist cordyline/succulent with rose/geranium.  Sigh. 

Design Woes

On the other hand, at least I noticed that the colors and styles don't agree.  That has to be progress, right?  

The hedge of Austins includes 'Ambridge Rose', 'Tamora', and a 'Prospero' that had no where else to live.  It is under planted with Geranium 'Jolly Bee' and a couple of day lilys. 

Austin Rose Hedge

Rosa 'Ambridge Rose'
Rosa 'Ambridge Rose'

Rosa 'Tamora'
Rosa 'Tamora'

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  1. The pot looks great but you are right. Not right there. Like you said though, you noticed the problem and that is a step forward. I don't think I have much design ability but I haven't really gotten to test that theory much.

  2. But they are both lovely on their own! You can always move the pot to a new spot.

  3. Thank you Michelle and Sheila, I think you are right!

    I might look for a more desert-y spot with more compatible colors. We'll see how my next design misdaventure goes... :)

  4. Hi hoovb, longtime lurked on gardenweb. I popped over here to gaze at your splendid garden. :)
    I live in the west San Fernando valley sunset zone 19, close to Calabasas and I've been looking for some heat tolerant, colorfast, daylilies to add to my mostly rose garden. Might I ask which daylilies you have planted with your Austins? And are you happy with them? Thank you in advanced for a suggestions!
    Also, Any suggestions for daylilies that combo well with cool pink roses? I have a lot of pink and white in my front bed at the moment (pink peace, perfume delight and iceberg).

  5. Hi Geetha,

    Colorfast daylilies--they all fade somewhat. Heat tolerant--they are all fairly good at standing up to heat. The pure yellows hold their color best.

    My favorite with Austins are purple daylilies. One called 'Bella Sera' is a particular favorite, though any purple looks good. Recall that purple is a neutral in that it goes with everything.

    For cool pinks, that's tough. Day Lily colors are nearly all warm colors. The so-called white day lilies have a yellow (warm) cast. So do the pink ones--they are a warm pink, on the coral side. I'd stick with purple if you want them to look coordinate well with cool pink roses, or perhaps orange juice orange if you want a contrast.

    Iceberg will look good with just about any day lily.


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