Rosa 'Evelyn' and others this morning

The very first 'Evelyn' of the season.  The Diva of my garden. 
Rosa 'Evelyn'

'Glamis Castle' is looking great this year.  I made the mistake of pruning it hard in '06, and it's taken four years for it to recover.  I learned my lesson:  'Glamis Castle' doesn't like hard pruning.
Rosa 'Glamis Castle'

'Fabulous!'  An offspring of 'Iceberg', it has nearly the same stellar rust and powdery mildew resistance, and prettier flowers, though less of them.  Repeat is slower than 'Iceberg'.

Rosa 'Fabulous'
Rosa 'Fabulous'

What the hummingbirds were gathered around, however, were the flowers of Aloe striata, common name Coral Aloe.  I have read that in Southern California, A. striata has so freely hybridized with Aloe attenuata that your chance of buying a pure blooded A. striata is remote, unless you get it from a specialty grower who knows the difference and keeps the species pure.  No matter.  The hummers like it anyway. 

Aloe striata with Phormium in the background and Limonium perezii (purple flowers)
Aloe striata in bloom


  1. Very pretty! My first 'Evelyn' is also opening!

  2. Isn't it amazing how the same roses seem to bloom at the same time, even if they're in a very different area, different soil, different fertilizer, etc. Maybe they are more in control than we think! ;)


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