Worst Plant Combination Ever!

It has to be Rosa 'George Burns'...

underplanted with...Iris 'Paprika Fonos':

Wow, now that is ugly, with emphasis on the "Ugh". That's so hilariously bad I deserve an award. Not only that, through the miracle of the Internet, I can show it off to the entire planet.

Here's what I need to do: move 'Paprika Fonos' and plant it near Japanese Maple 'Oshio Bene'. I nipped a Maple leaf and laid it there on the Iris flower to compare the colors. Better, yes?

I decided to not add a Coprosma 'Tequila Sunrise'. The Maple foliage looks good with the Coprosma, but the multicolored Iris paired with the multicolored Coprosma foliage would be frentic for the 3 weeks or so of the Iris bloom.

Then to pick up that touch of purple in the Iris. Look carefully just below the center of the Iris flower to see the purple lines there, which are more apparent in person than in the photo. I've already got Salvia 'East Friesland' planted around the Maple tree. Same purple. That will work!

As a finale, what about adding a touch of bright yellow as well? A plain yellow Iris? A 'Julia Child' rose? Hey, 'George Burns' has yellow in it...


  1. Yup! You're right, it is bad. But alone they are beautiful! That's why God created shovels!


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