Echinopsis 'Flying Saucer'

Echinopsis 'Flying Saucer'

I will never own this plant, because of its nasty spines  (I realize this is rather ridiculous, coming from a gardener with 300 roses).  However, I can visit Echinopsis 'Flying Saucer' at the Huntington in San Marino, and hyperventilate over the beauty of the huge (6-8", 15-20 cm) flowers. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!  As gorgeous as any rose. 

Echinopsis 'Flying Saucer'

On our last visit to the Huntingdon, the Aloes were blooming. Today it was the terrestrial bromiliads that were in flower: Dyckias and Puyas. The Cacti (including Echinopsis 'Flying Saucer') are just beginning.

Unknown cactus in bloom:
Cactus flower

Cactus flower

Cactus in bloom

Puya venusta--blue flowers on pink stems!
Puya venusta
Puyas are from Chile. 

Dyckia bloom spikes:
Dyckia blooms
Dyckia are from South America, mostly Brazil, but they appear to like California just fine.


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