Pole Pruner

Pole Pruner

I find I have more rose pruning tools than shoes. In other words, I have my priorities straight. I have two pairs of Felcos, some fine snips for thin stems, two pairs of junky cheap secateurs I bought at a discount store, and two pole pruners. If you have a climbing rose, a pole pruner is an invaluable tool. Also called an extended reach or telescoping pruner, it's essentially secateurs-on-a-stick, for the fine work of deadheading and light cutting back.

Pole Pruner

There are other types of pole pruners. One is an electric model that is a small chainsaw on a stick. I have one of those specifically to cut my neighbor's jungle growth back to the fence line. There's also a pole pruner that operates via a pulled rope. These are for the lacing out of small tree limbs. They work on roses for the removal of larger canes, but they are too big and heavy for the fine, precise work of deadheading.

Pole Pruner

I've had one brand for six or seven years. It's good, but not great. This year I bought one at the local spring garden show that I like better. It's got the cut-and-hold feature that I wanted--you make your cut and the pruner allows you to hold on to the scrap and drop it into a nearby waste bucket. No picking up or raking up a pile, or losing the cutting in the plant. It rotates, so you can cut at any angle, which is handy when working in a thicket of stems. There is a plastic sleeve that slides up and down the pole. You hold the closer end in one hand then slide the tool up and down with your other hand on the plastic sleeve. The pole telescopes to different lengths, depending on how far you need to reach. The whole thing is light enough to use for a while without getting tired.

Pole Pruner

I'm happy with it. Once I became adept at using it, I am now able to pull hard-to-get-to weeds with it as well. This particular pruner was made by The Wildflower Seed Company. My post is NOT an ad for this company. I have no connection to this company other than I bought one of these (for full retail price, plus sales tax). I like this pruner a lot, but there are other brands out there that may work just as well. Do look for the cut-and-hold feature if you are a fanatic garden neatnik, because it makes clean up easier.

Is everyone tired yet of this Clematis?
Clematis 'Wisley'

What about this? Bored yet?
Rosa 'Laguna' and Clematis 'Perle d'Azur'

Or this mess...
Rosa Laguna

Well, at least now you know why I like my pole pruner!


  1. I'm so enjoying your blog but can't link back to mine in the comments (agrowingobsession.com) I'll have to search your blog to find your clematis regimen. I'm in So. Calif too but never get such results. I think I'm treating them too harshly and need to give more water and food. And how could one tire of such pictures?

  2. Hey Denise,

    Right when they start growing in the spring I give them fish emulsion at half strength every week, to maximise that extreme burst of growth they produce all at once. Cut out the fertilizer as soon as the foliage starts getting large. Then they'll bloom. After all the blooms are finished, deadhead, cut back lightly, and fertilize again to maximise the 2nd round of bloom. Never ever ever let the roots get too dry. Never fertilize a dry plant.

    Some Clemmies just don't do well in So Cal, some do great. The Viticellas and Jackmanii are the easiest.

  3. From where can I buy that climbing rose pole trimmer pictured ? Mine just died on me, the handle top snapped off. There is no LINK to the trimmer you show. Thanks. Tony

    1. Hi Tony, see: Wildflower Seed Company

      They have several different kinds.

      Disclaimer: I don't work there, don't know anyone who does, have simply been a
      paying customer in the past.


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