Clematis 'Venosa Violacaea', a Clematis Of Many Virtues

Clematis 'Venosa Violacaea'

A clematis of many virtues. Photogenic, easy, and vigorous even here in Southern California. I think of it not as a purple clematis with a bit of white, but as a white clematis with a strong overlay of purple netting. The flowers are smallish but plentiful, and rebloom is good even without deadheading. My main problem with this variety is that I only have one plant. More would be better.

Clematis 'Venosa Violacaea'

Looking bluish in  late  afternoon light:
Clematis 'Venosa Violacaea'

Clematis 'Bourbon' is finished for now.  A light trimming and a hit of fertilizer will produce another round of flowers, if I can get that ambitious. 
Clematis 'Bourbon'

For a  while this part of  the garden was  my "Rose Lady" area:  all the roses were named after various ladies:  Lady Hillingdon,  Comtesse Vandale,  Royal Highness, and suchlike.  I pointed this out to one visitor, and she said, "Oh, you must have tea with them in the afternoon."  I replied, pointing to the clematis,  "Nope, bourbon!"    She thought that was funny, anyway.  A little garden humor.  (A very little).


  1. Groan. Don't you grow a lavender-bluish clematis? I'm thinking about planting one with my Julia Childs and Marmalade Skies roses. It would grow up a green tuteur in that bed- full sun. What do you think?

  2. Renee, the one you want is 'Perle d'Azur'. It's a breathtaking lavender-blue, covers itself with flowers, and would look stunning with JC and Marmalade Skies...

  3. That's it. Don't you grow it with Laguna rose? I hope it does well here.


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