Hemerocallis 'Victorian Lace' and 'Siloam David Kirchoff'

Hemerocallis 'Siloam David Kirchoff'
'Siloam David Kirchoff'

'Victorian Lace'
'Victorian Lace'

'Siloam David Kirchoff' is another little dainty in the style of 'Janice Brown'. It is a pale tangerine with a bluish eye ringed with burgundy, just a foot tall. Sweet and perfect. There's another Hemerocallis called 'David Kirchoff'--a bit confusing.

'Victorian Lace' I really adore. It's considered a "near white"; it's really a pale orange with a kind of frosty overlay, like a peach dipped in sugar. Big, rufflicious. This is a taller plant than little 'Siloam David Kirchoff', at 24" (60 cm). It blooms for a couple of months at least, and when it's done, I miss those wonderful flowers more than just about any other.

'Victorian Lace' lives in one of the prime spots in my garden, and it lives up to it. It makes me deliriously happy that something so beautiful can live in the world, and that I can see it, for weeks and weeks.

'Victorian Lace'

Hemerocallis 'Victorian Lace'

It looks quite heavenly with another "Lace": Rosa 'French Lace'.

Rosa 'French Lace'


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